Le tour de France - 2017


Absolutely impossible to see past Kittel


You can have that one

Although I’ve edited it now so don’t you look weird!!


I had Bardet for this one… But depends how much yesterday took out of them all.


Now I’ve taken him out of my team, nailed on for Navarro


Jarlinson Pantano


If he’s got anything left in the tank (and I’m not sure he has) then pinot is bound to try something




too much descending for T-bow imo


would be nice to see bardet get another


Fair point


Fuglsang :frowning:


He’s abandoned.

Ha ha ha!


rafal *majka drop*


George Bennett quickly becoming one of my favourite riders in the Peloton. Said he didn’t even know there was a rule against taking on water in the final 20km and that he’s usually out the back and nobody cares what he does!


Rolland dropped. Stomach illness apparently


Landa & contador building up a nice lead. Quintana and barguil chasing. Quite select group of the gc behind. Stage is delivering as hoped so far.


Is Landa just marking Contador then, or is this some sort of insurance policy? [Noob question]


Put out there to assist froome in the later climbs, if needed. Depending on how the stage goes he might get the nod to go for stage success.


Contadors too far down in the standings to be too much of a threat.


I think he’s off for a podium at least. Contador is 12th on GC over 5mins down. No problem for the GC.

Sky’s tactics are going to have to be interesting. Manage Froomes podium place, whilst allowing the obviously stronger (going by the past two stages at least) Landa to ride.