Le tour de France - 2017


contador is way out on gc so doubt they care about him too much


History would suggest they’re not that dynamic in their thinking. Will still be planning entirely around froome for the top spot, for now at least. Any thoughts of podium or better for landa will be very much secondary.


There are better riders for this tactic than Landa. Landa obviously wouldn’t want to lose time in a leapfrog. Interesting development.


Eurgh, really hoping this doesn’t end up with Contador winning the stage and Sky improving their GC position :confused:


Despite the obvious issues with contador, I can’t help but admire his racing style. Wouldn’t begrudge him the stage, now he’s out of gc.


Fair enough, just find it too hard to appreciate his good points


Can entirely appreciate it. Feel the same way about valverde, but for no good reason really I’m slightly less anti-contador.


I’m not listening to commentary on this, but I just read this on the Guardian feed:

Race leader Fabio Aru has been hopelessly exposed today. With no team-mates in support, he’s decided to stay with Froome and ahead of him on the road, the stuff of his worst nightmares as he slept last night is unfolding - two strong riders in a breakaway, one of whom can take his yellow jersey … and there’s not a thing he can do about it.

Surely the same applies to Froome as well, in terms of other riders vying for the yellow jersey?


Nope - froome has two teammates in the 2 lead groups and (I think) a couple in his group too. Bardet is the only other gc rider with more than one team mate in support, I think.


Are teammates going to make much difference to how Froome and Aru’s stages pan out compared to each other though?


Yep. On the mountains, having someone who can pace you/take the wind can make all the difference.


But if they’re in the same group then Aru can just stick with them, surely?

Unless Aru has nothing left in the tank after yesterday.


sky are able to set the pace though - aru has no choice other than to do whatever they do, rather than being able to control his own speed/resources


And If, for instance, froome, landa and aru are in a group together, landa and froome can take turns to attack - aru would have to cover both


I have never seen sky racing as tactically brilliant as this today.

22 different groups across the course atm


Ah, the anti Astana tactic from the other day.


It is pretty refreshing


Honestly didn’t think they could race like this


@rich-t has any team ever (or recently) had 3 different yellow jersey wearers during the same tour?


While looking at the wikipedia entry of yellow jersey wearers, I found my new favourite name ever