Le tour de France - 2017


All caps when ya spell the wheel-suckers name


Froome attacking!


he may have been bluffing then @japes



think my stream is like 30s behind


dan martin getting dropped


A thing of beauty. Unfortunately not been updated for ages, but always makes me smile


:frowning: There was an interview on the cycling podcast last night with him where he was saying the crash with Porte means he can’t stand up in the pedals comfortably


Go on Bardet!


Would love to see it work, but I think the descent is too far from the finish, and not steep enough


Yeah, Martin’s caught up and gone past the big hitters too


This GC group might grind to a halt on the flat. Mark each other to a standstill


don’t think Aru can risk that, can he?


Nor can the others. Uran on a flyer


Uran’s made a serious move now too

edit: pulled back again already


I had written that post about Landa, but yeah now there should be some racing


Sort’ve feel like this about sky’s tactics


Froome digs, why??


Sky now reverting to type. Why chase when you have a guy up the road?


Froome’s such a dick


commentators suggesting they’re trying to wear out aru, but it’s a such a short stage, seems a weird tactic