Le tour de France - 2017


froome back in yellow.

matthews sat up a bit early for that finish eh? was half thinking GvA was gonna come round him


Honestly can’t believe Aru lost time on a benign looking stage luke today. I know he has no team, but c’mon Aru, that’s poor.


Yeah mad he put 27 seconds into him there. Froome losing time against his rivals in the mountains and then winning it back on a sprint finish!

I know he gets a lot of stick previously for being a bit robotic but the last couple of years he’s really started picking up time doing unconventional attacks.


Apparently Aru was very poorly placed about 1.5km out, then the bunch split and he was on the wrong side of it with Contador and Quintana.

You’re the fucking yellow jersey holding Fabio, sit at the fucking front!



canyon-sram :heart:


Today’s stage should be a corker. Bonified breakaway stage. Hoping to see Cummings, Gallopin, Barguil and Offredo on the attack. Nice looking descent for a Bardet attack too.

Wondering how the GC will go into the Alps. Whether they’ll gang up and work against Froome to try and expose any weaknesses he might have (not looking as dominant as previous tours). Or whether they’ll gang up and work against Aru as he has no team and they might want to bury him as he will be a threat on the Izoard stage.


Love this whether you meant it or not.


Christ knows


Don’t really understand how to use the updated version of this site, but I just came here to let everyone know how much I want big Tony to do something today/this week.



Hi @meths. I’d like big Tony to do something too, but he’s already slipped out of the break after 20km. Nice to see you in a cycling thread though. Hope the dayglo bike is well.


Hello meths. Big Tone made his move yesterday.


@Antpocalypsenow to thread


Tim Wellens abandons :disappointed_relieved:


The Matt Smith hour: NO


Froome punctured. Lost time to the GC group


50 secs down, 5 AG2R riders on the front, drilling it


the temptation to moon the peloton would be far too great if I was watching roadside.


Well AG2R fucked that. Bardet should’ve gone


Didn’t post the rest. Bardet should’ve gone and not allowed the doms to do all the work. He could’ve made serious hay there as Froome was in the red for a long time. Wait, wait, wait. Might’ve lost the only opportunity to take yellow.