Le tour de France - 2017


aren’t the riders supposed to slow down and wait for the yellow jersey when he has a mechanical failure (wasn’t that why Froomeh had to stop?)


If the race is on (which it was as they were drilling the front, then no, as they’ve not attacked. If he had a mishap, then they attacked off the back of that, then that’s different. But his issues came in the middle of hard racing, so there’s no need to sit up.

The whole ‘dont attack the leader’ unwritten rule thing is a joke in the modern day IMO. I’d much rather see ruthless racing than gentlemanly conduct (Stephen Roche won his 1987 tour partly by attacking through a feed station, a tactic also favoured by merckx). It’s a relatively recent phenomenon, and one that isn’t good.



Yeah, when I heard about that rule I thought it was a massive joke as an outsider to be humble.


Not a rule at all, more along the lines of cricket’s ‘spirit of the game’


C’mon Bauke


dead chuffed for bauke, he’s one of my favourite riders. he absolutely stormed that.


Dan Martin up to 5th in GC


did you see that footage yesterday of him shuffling and hobbling around off the bike? he can barely walk, i have no idea how he’s still this strong


What did Froome just put in his nose?


Martin 1.12 down on the yellow jersey. He lost 1.15 in his crash. Having a Stormer considering his health


I’d like to think the same courtesy would be extended to other members of the GC group, not just the man in yellow.

I kind of like it as a “code”. Considering what a horrible place cycling was in due to all the doping etc. It’s nice to see at least some of the racers trying to male it about who the strongest rider is, not who’s willing to go the lowest.


But interestingly, those dopers are the ones who upheld the unwritten rules the most often


what time does eurosport show the highlights?

i have tried and failed to find this information on their webshite


10 for LeMond tonight


Thought I’d dreamt that as my gf claimed to have seen no evidence of crack



still worth it.


Still can’t believe AG2R didn’t profit from the huge work Naesen did and Froomes puncture. Right tactics, wrongly executed.


turns out dave brailsford’s a cunt. who knew?


This is similar to Astana at the 2009 tour. Cyclingnews is not a good journalism site at all, but they have credible journalists working for them in the likes of Benson, and they are entitled to their opinion, just like any other publications. But Brailsford just continues to come across like a total cunt. Sky aren’t doing rest day pressers like the yellow jersey teams should, and only allowing 3 questions at those Froome does attend, whilst vetting the attendance so it’s a friendly audience.

I don’t like sky at all, but if this was any other team, there would’ve been an uproar by now.