Le tour de France - 2017


they’re like cycling’s own trump administration. they make it utterly impossible to have any faith in them at all.



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Except they’re hugely competent at what they do on the whole… They’re more like… rupert Murdoch’s fox and sky organisations

Does he still own either of those? Whatever, it sort of works as a comparison


It’s a bit #fakenews though isn’t it.


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i’d like to believe that the peloton is overwhelmingly clean at this stage, and i think (hope) that it would be more difficult to operate a massive, armstrong-style doping ring now than it was then (ignoring any questions around how much the authorities were paid off/turning a blind eye).

the problem with sky, as this article points out, is that they promised more than could ever reasonably be delivered, have embraced the grey areas around doping rules (therapeutic use exemptions and the like), didn’t keep proper records (or at least claimed not to, which is utterly absurd in any case, but doubly so when transparency is meant to be at the very heart of the team’s ethos) and have then steadfastly refused to properly acknowledge that these issues exist, let alone address them.

it’s possible that they have been the victims of a series of unfortunate coincidences and that nothing untoward has gone on, but their shady communication and hostility towards anybody seeking basic transparency really stinks and makes it so much harder to give them the benefit of any doubt.


I was reading something (think it was on reddit) the other day about Froome’s literally unbelievable ascent to the tour de france and how suspicious it looks given how quickly he turned it all around. It also expressed doubts about just how far ahead Team Sky were compared to other teams in terms of methods and ‘marginal gains’.

Idk, really. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if they all turned out to be fucking dopers 10 years down the line.


Which is a shame really. I find myself liking their riders but it’s difficult to be really enthused when there’s the spectre of Murdoch hanging over it all.

There are parallels with all those stories of young neo-pros joining the ranks and vowing to compete clean only to be gradually ground down by the necessities of actually competing at that level.

This sort of corruption or tendency to operate in the grey areas isn’t just restricted to cycling, either. It’s rife in pretty much all professional sports. Even the bloody British Bobsled Teams got embroiled in a bullying scandal!


I think there’s a mixture of the points at play. Doping will always be ahead of the anti doping forces as pros will try anything (see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GW501516 which was the in vogue drug 10 years ago). Micro dosing so drug use doesn’t spike on a blood passport is at play too.

I think those comments were by Brailsford were from a guy who was naive, from a track based background, coming to the road in 2009. But like the article states, if you make a pledge to employ non cycling doctors, that’s not hard to implement. We all know that sky are at least iffy when it come to ethics around clean riding and running a team. There is no such thing unfortunate coincidences when a team is micromanaged to the point sky are.

I’d like to argue that the peloton is “overwhelmingly clean” but the fact that there are still pros being pinged for epo (hello 1994) makes me hesitant to do so. And Brailsford’s continued spikey attitude to journalists trying to get after an angle that obviously exists is interesting. He’s rattled by the goings on of the whole year (government investigation et al), and continuing questions are uncomfortable for him.


Wait until Wiggins releases a proper autobiography, a la Hamilton, Riis, Dekker, and the rest of them.


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On the flipside to the above, fair play to wellens:


chapeau tim wellens.

apparently gilbert has abandoned with gastroenteritis.


Final rest day is over

Weather forecast is for wind, and commentators are promising it will be a factor :wind_face:


somewhat off topic, but think i properly fancy david millar now. him modelling all those fancy expensive jerseys at rouleur probably hasn’t helped. :hearts:






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“confirmed: this is contador’s last ever tour de france. and he wants a stage win.”

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