Le Wed....


Crawled to bed last night leaving all the lights on after an attack of the hot sweats thanks to my period (tell me I’m not the only person who gets these?)

I believe there’s some footy on today.

Might try a bike

What’s your day got in store

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Hey up tilts!

Basically pushing through work and a meeting then it’s home for football.

Can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.

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Morning :wave:

More of the same here today. It’s raining later and I have stuff to do outside so I’d better get my skates on.



Struggling through a chilly day of school holidays. Trying not to let her go mad on TV.

Feeling dread about having to do my UK tax return so I can do my Aus tax return.


Morning, just got home from work, so busy, so tired.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Really miss that crane


They have left a stump, which is even sadder.

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Morning all

Very busy day today but already finding ways to procrastinate.

My friend who is having M when I go to London has just told me she’s booked a karaoke bus to for all the kids I mean, I really want to see the TV but a karaoke bus is preeeeeettty tempting.

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It really tied the skyline together.


mornin, busy day ahead of me. Not really feeling it as i didn’t sleep that well. Still the suns out and i’ve got a fresh pot of coffee on the go so not all bad.

also gonna book some time off and get down to london to see my brother and some friends.

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Morning all!

I slept terribly, which I think was partly due to eating a load of food just before bed. The pollen is also high today and I can’t remember if I took my antihistamine this morning.

I’ve got a day of chores planned including laundry and grocery shopping. I’m going to have a nice coffee while I write my shopping list.

Just gonna work until just before the footy under the assumption I won’t get much work done tomorrow

Had about 3 hours sleep. Need to crack on with work and look after a child. What a world I have created for myself. What a world.

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Morning all

Going to take the small, furry animal for a walk.

Try and mow/plough the lawn before it rains again.

Pop out around the shops sur la vélo

Got up at 7 and wwnt for a run around the cemetery while listening to ABBA gold, now that’s how to start a day. Got myself a salmon and cream cheese bagel on my way back #salmoncrew.

Made plans for tonight completely forgetting it’s a foozball day, gonna be horrendous out there isnt it.


Morning all.

Tired of it being so humid all the time.

Plus 1 to the bad sleep crew, but mine was down to mot reading before trying to slepo, having watched the penalties.

cat woke me up at 4:30 :unamused:

ran. coffee’d. now working.
still raining.

In the office today, buuuuut… there’s no one else here

Totally inviting everyone round for a partay