Lead & violence

wasn’t sure where to put this so I’ll give it its own little thread

this was QTed by Monbiot

in the context of this;

which I’ve always thought is a really fascinating subject since reading a big and very detailed article some years ago in the states where they broke it down to block by block detail (though I can’t remember which magazine it was)

Anyway, I wonder if anyone had any thoughts about this & more generally about how an environmental approach to ‘antisocial behavour’ might prove a fruitful avenue. I mean, we hear all this good vs evil bullshit and there and many hotly debated ‘cause & effect’ arguments around crime & terrorism but basic biochemistry & mental vulnerability must surely play just a big a part/are part of the axis of socialised radicalisation.
I am also reminded of a discussion after the Manchester attack about whether suicide bombing might be more productively tackled through the lens of dealing with suicide rather than (or alongside) traditional anti-terror tactics

It also occurs to me that the very strong split between the hardline authoritarian, give-em-a smack, baby boomers and the younger generation’s more compelling ‘spread peace & love’ message might have something to do with childhood lead exposure (!) rather than what the olds would dismiss as naivety

seems like a weird one but the research looks compelling

What do you think ?

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Thought this was gonna be about cluedo

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of course you did Professor Plum

This is properly nuts isn’t it.


it is

wonder how this will play out in 20 or so years time :confused:

is undetermined events just “dunno”

seems quite high

alien abduction

I guess it’s deaths where the autopsy/coroner’s report is inconclusive

Isn’t the reason the murder rate is up because they have to count the Hillsborough victims now? In the same way that there was a spike when Harold Shipman’s crimes were finally officially recognised?