Leap Day Saturday

Hello all. Happy 29th February! Do you have any leaping planned? Or any other activities? Tell me all about your day.


This has been at least the second time this week that I’ve woken up about 5 minutes before my alarm. Hate alarms, so that’s pretty good!

Gonna leap out of bed and into the shower pretty soon, then leap downstairs for some hotel brekafast, then leap over to tye cinema next door for a Margaret Atwood documentary!

What about yourself @colon_closed_bracket?


Leaping off to work soon. Might leap off the roof.

Thank you for asking! We’ve got an ATD staying for the weekend so we’ll hang out with her. Weather is looking grim this morning so will probably just hang around the house, but might go out this afternoon. Going to have pizza and a film later. I think that’s about it.

Also I have a cold which feels very much like a standard cold and nothing like the symptoms of Other Things.

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Wotcha. Slept ok. Which is nice. Hot woken up by my daughter singing baa baa black sheep which was cute. Making kiddo and my wife porridge and spinning the new Caribou album.

The big bad Winchester meat later. Might try a couple of trips to the tip beforehand and hope the car engine doesn’t cut out again like yesterday


Hahah! When the first reports of a mysterious new virus started coming in, I was in A&E with a flu. Fun times, not at all paranoid

Also: pizza and a film — my kind of evening! :smile:

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It’s absolutely pissing it down; so of course we’re going to the seaside. Should be fun :grimacing:


I love a rainy, windy promenade! One of the things I miss about the south coast.

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I would do anything to teach my body to lie in on a weekend like it used to.

Morning everyone,

FEELING SO MUCH BETTER after my drunken downer yesterday. Hurrah. Looking forward to seeing the Glasgow lot later on and having a general daunder around the streets of Glasgow. Glasgow, I :heart: you.


What are you all doing leaping around at eight am you mad people.

Morning! Just finished eating a pancake breakfast with the kid, we’re going to take the dog for a walk as it is not currently raining. She wants to go to soft play - I on the other hand am not so enthusiastic about picking up that amount of kid pathogens

Might try to convince her to go to the library instead, nice and quiet


Good Morning party people!

We’re going to Hasting today, because as mentioned above, it’s a beautiful day for a trip to a seaside town. I’ve got a photo shoot to do later - the band had kept arranging it for when there’s a storm and today’s no exception, but they can’t delay any longer.


In fairness I am quite looking forward to it. My youngest daughter has to do a school project on a ‘collection’.

We’re heading down to Hastings because there’s a Quentin Blake exhibition that she’s keen to base her work on.

Plus, chips.

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Morning all!

Watching The Wiggles with The Child although she has decided in the last few minutes she’d rather watch Lego Spider-Man.

Wor Lass is buying a car today so I’ll probably take The Child to soft play. I have work to do this afternoon but then I’ll be partying hard with the Glasgow Old Team later.

Gotta get that :pound::pound::pound:

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Happy Hastings day.


Impromptu Hastings DiS meat


Let’s not be too Hastings!

sub Funkhouser attempt, sorry


We could dial in to the Winch meat. DiS con call.