Leap Year Birthdays...

Dave Brailsford (Cycling coach) - 14 today
Saul Williams (Singer) - 12 today
Ja Rule (Rapper) - 11 today

All the best.


My thread filter’s abysmal at the minute.

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tune tho


Listen to The Kills version…ooft

No thank you.


Yeah… nah

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On Radio 4 this morning they had a leapling on. They asked her how old she was and she said she was 8. Then they asked her how old she really was and surprisingly she said she was 32.

I wonder if there are more birthdays on 1st March than any other day then?


I was supposed to be a leap year baby, but I was lazy and didn’t emerge for another 10 days :sunglasses:

Would have been 9 i think

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It’s good to hear, big man.

Greatness recognises greatness, as the old adage go’s.

Yes it do’s.

My mate Steve the electrician. 9 today.

Jesus Christ. What a bunch of wackjobs!

I am still not sure that letter wasn’t a troll.

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Was ready to rush in that 2000 wasn’t a leap year, as years divisible by 100 aren’t leap years, but turns out if they’re exactly divisible by 400, they are.

Also, if 2020 is a Leap Year, than 2000 must be as well.

… because it’s divisible by 400 and not 4 and 100.

No, because it’s every four years, so if 2020 is a leap year then 2000 has to be one as well.

Look it up m9