Learning Gaelic in One Minute Lessons...

I have now leart Hello…Dia duit
I have also learnt Goodbye…Slan go foill
lesson 2 does Please and Thank you…
Got to lesson 3…and…just was…really got me…

now just told we are going down the dechetterie… the tip…


lesson 4 is that nobody calls it gaelic :upside_down_face:

also this video appears to be 3 minutes, outrageous


Oh this song might help with this lesson


My mum fucking loved that


Dia duit…Carry on to lesson 4 as he goes over some stuff again and I just love the immediate laughter I get… how good is that…

Johnny wears your trousers…no Irish ~Gaelic not Scottish

didn’t mean to sound like a dick here btw, was aimed at the video thumbnail rather than you

Right, DiS needs one of the badge options to be a Fáinne.

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I do not get offended these days, funny how dick is used alot…My Husband calls me a knob end a knob stick and I call him a dickhead…life is funny who wants a normal name…sorry just get silly and sillier…but a happy bun