Learning to dive (rolling?)


Every time I think about it I just got a sinking feeling.


I’ve got friends who have. I’ve thought about doing it locally, but then my friends who have PADI certificates tell me to do it on holiday instead, but I’m not sure I’ll be going on that sort of holiday again for quite a long time.

Still, snorkelling’s a fun compromise in the meantime.



snorkelling yes but going riggghhht down with a big tank on your back?



Strictly for nonces.


Yeah, that’s where all the good stuff to see is, isn’t it?


Strictly cum dancing


Diving off a diving board is fun.
Diving like scuba or snorkeling does not seem like my sort of thing


Jesus, they’ll do porn versions of everything nowadays!


I’ve got my advanced open water PADI. Closest you get to the feeling of flying (slowly).

For the open water I did the pool stuff, swimming test and exam in the UK then did the rest of the dives on holiday in Dahab. Happy with doing it that way rather than having to do the boring bits on holiday. You can fit all that dull shit into one crammed day too.


Just booked my open water course for next month. Any tips or tricks? I was feeling OK about it because I was just thinking about the fish, then I started thinking about the whole being 18 metres underwater thing and now I’m a little nervous.


Don’t stress about it, honestly, you won’t even be thinking of that when you’re down there, and the first part with the pool stuff where you’re just under the surface gets you used to the whole thing. The instructor I had was a proper stickler for safety, but even when it’d been a few years between dives and I was like “what are the five things I need to check again?” it was still alright. You’ll have dive masters and instructors around you while you’re down there.

I’d definitely do the reading for the exam part, that was the only part some people failed on because they had assumed it’d be so easy they could guess it / just take their textbook in with them.

Is it PADI you’re doing or one of the other ones?


Thanks for the reassurances. I imagine I’ll be fine once I’ve done the pool stuff and seen the first superb fish. Cheers for the heads up on the exam, I’ll make sure to put in some effort there.

It’s PADI yeah, doing it in Koh Tao, Thailand.