Learning to fly a plane

Would love to do this one day.

How much you reckon it costs, all in? Like to get to the stage where you’re qualified to fly a little plane on your own to France or whatever. I’m sure it’s really hard work learning all the maths and stuff.

In my head I imagine it’s not that much worse in terms of carbon emissions than driving a big diesel vehicle. I’m sure this is willfully naive. I wonder how it compares to having a seat on a commercial jet flight.

I’d also be really really scared.


(This is a total guess based on zero information)

£5,001 I reckon

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One of the better Foo Fighters songs

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I actually priced this up a couple of years ago. Just for shits and giggles of course.
Not as expensive as I thought it would be but not sure I could afford to buy a wee plane :airplane:

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Pete was the youngest ever pilot in the entire country!

spill the beans about the beans!

Before the paywall snapped up on this, it said £6 - £10k on average

So I was closer

Yes, you’re practically a pilot already.


Here you go

Make my way back home when I’ve finished learning to fly a plane!

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join the air cadets. might have to do a bit of john toast-style reverse ageing but i flew a couple of planes when i were a younger, dorkier man


get to shoot guns an all, it was good

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Yep, same.

Hated the marching but the flying was fun. Great moment when we flew over my house and the pilot let me control the plane and I obviously put it immediately into an accidental nose dive and he was “I’ll just take back control now”. Great fun.


It’s no “in times like these is it time to love again?” though

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A mate of mine did it over three years. I can ask him, all in, how much it cost?

currently: £££££

after brexit: ££££££££££££££££££££

yeah the marching and shit was rubbish but the flying and shooting were great. preferred shooting to flying actually, i was pretty good at shooting

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Wouldn’t get me in one of those little planes! Bad enough having to fly anywhere in the big ones!