Learning to let go of clothing and shoe hang-ups

I can’t relax about shoes with big white soles edgings. I fret about them being dirty and as a consequence I rarely buy them.

Just bought a couple of pairs of Camper canvas shoes and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be wiping over the white walls of the soles on a regular basis.


So, I’ve also just bought these boots and I’m wondering if I need three pairs of shoes in my life that I’m constantly checking the walls of. Or will they just dirty up and look good? I can’t tell. Maybe I should get something with darker soles. Or get counselling.


How are people meant to cope with these problems?

MCShitthread obvs.


Shoes being clean is pointless and a burden.


Fully agree, but I am very much a ‘clothes are a necessary utility and comfort is my north star’ kind of person. If you’re someone who likes their stuff to look fresh then I can see why this would be a real pain.

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This is a massive issue of mine too. Why do most shoes have a white sole?!?!?? It’s so hard to find gum soles or black soles. Makes me have the absolute rage.

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i never hang up my clothes tbh


I’ve started wearing brighter clothes. Genuinely only wore black or navy anything until my mid thirties. It’s NOT a mid-life crisis, and I’m actually slightly happier, thank-you.


I hate bright white soles so much that I purposefully dirty them up.


I’ve got a pair of 35th Anniversary Adidas Superstars that you can count on your fingers the number of times I’ve worn. Two years ago Superstars brought out 50th anniversary versions.

Conversely the first day I wore the Pumas I’m currently wearing I cycled into town through a load of puddles, meaning they were dirty from the off, which was very good for me worrying about them being box fresh

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I think the ideal for shoes is that they look 1-2 months old rather than boxfresh - comfy & worn-in but still new

My clothing problem is sweatshirts/jumpers. For me they’re perfect from the store up until the first wash but no matter what detergent or wash setting I use they ever-so-slightly shrink or lose a bit of shape & the softness goes out of them & they immediately become sub par

It’s very annoying


Make your mind up


Are you making fun of me? That’s not very nike


Really can get stressed about fucking up with wearing certain clothes, and mentioned this last night to a friend who says her bf is exactly the same.

Shouldn’t be stressful but I’ve had a couple of moments where I’ve borderline freaked out!

I just wear the clothes that I own


I’ve said this before, but when I finally relented and accepted that chinos were better (and cooler) than jeans it changed my life. If you can get past the denial phase they’re an absolute godsend. I used to have all sort of negative thoughts about them being for old people, but they’re so much comfier, and black chinos just look like jeans.

Don’t get me wrong, I still carry a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of stonewash blue as occasional trousers, but why squeeze into something and walk around stiff as a board. Accept yourself and purchase some lovely soft chinos.

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You want jeans with a wee bit of Elastane in them. Honestly comfier than my pyjama trousers.


Either that or to lay off putting starch in the laundry.

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Both my comfortable umpers have holes in the arms which are getting worse.

Went for a quick look for replacements in town last Friday afternoon. Ngl Debenhams and Burton shutting has crippled my approach of quickly finding the first thing that will do and buying that.

Walked into a counseling session once with new shoes on and got a “love the shoes - gone for black again I see?”

Got that hint straight away. Used to hate wearing any shoes that might draw attention to themselves but I’ve gotten much better at actually rewarding myself with nice looking pairs. But I live in the west if Ireland so now I’m running into the OP’s problem. Can’t win

Think the idea of looking at other peoples shoes enough that I can see if the soles of their shoes are a bit dirty/scuffed is really funny/weird.
I’m not a big ‘fashion’ guy anyway (function over form folks) but imo it’s the judgey person who’d be the dickhead here, not the person who has dirty or scuffed their shoes.
Streets are dirty, we wear shoes so they take the hit, not our feet :smiley: