Least appealing Facebook event near you this weekend


I’ll get us started:


Nobody is gonna beat that pal.

Ukeleles, in Cambridge, with one other person… Oh boy…


Of a gender that you’re sexually attracted to?



This seems a bit unfair. Man.



Sorry about that, there were only four events that came up and the other ones were student protests which would have been a whole thing.


New Cross Inn though <3 impossible not to love that place


Fair dos, should have gone with one of them though.

Kind Regards

The Electric Waverider




soooo much shite on

the boat race, a fast car show, the artful dodger is playing in banbury…


Coming up for three years in a flat 1 minute away and it’s not even begun to enter my mind to go in there


you’re missing out. all the comfort of park benches without the downsides of not listening to metal!


is Craig with him?

hovers over national rail tickets


Not sure if i’ve mentioned this but…




hastily backs away from laptop


this is quite mean :disappointed:


it doesn’t feel in the spirit of Ant’s usual friendly chirpy chat I’ll agree. Epimer’s the worst cunt though obv


This one pisses me off. It’s a fundraiser for an absolute LAD who is going to climb mount Kilimanjaro for a charity, but really you’re just paying for him to go on a holiday. And then the name is just too much