Least favourite buzzword


With the knowledge that some of these may have been useful or meaningful at some time, but have lost that through overuse.

Or just choose empty marketing rhetoric. Your call.






Reach out






press the flesh


Said before, but some time around two years ago the Guardian starting using the word ‘nuance’ in every article and bedwetters quickly followed suit.



Exceptional edit. On leave today big lad?


I misread the OP and thought he wanted management-specific buzzwords so didn’t want to answer my own question without some sort of caveat.

Might go to the boozer in a minute and stand at the bar shouting my posts instead.


boil the ocean

someone used this about 5 times in a meeting yesterday and it grated every time



“2018 roadmap” instead of “2018 plan”

Was moaning about it’s now complete dominance to a colleague this morning. It doesn’t even work very well - a Roadmap is just a map it doesn’t specify a direction