Least favourite song of all time

you get one choice and one choice only. choose wisely.

mine is definitely “sweet child o’ mine”. think it’s the combination of being awful and likelihood of being heard that tips it over the edge. makes me hate music in general a little bit more every time i hear it.


oh yeah, that’s up there.

gets bonus points for perennial buskers’ terrible cover versions too.

this has really done me for some reason

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Little Lion Man, really anything buy mumford and sons. Just guff.
I know only one was specified, but a few years ago I was at a wedding and the band were playing blurred lines. My sister and I watched in horror as our relatives danced with eachother to this very very questionable song.

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Chelsea Dagger


Hotel California, by a country mile.


wasn’t that the eagles?


don’t think i can top the OP

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always makes me think of clive’s excuse in monkey dust though, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Lots of good contenders, but I genuinely don’t think I could sit through this song:

Play this segued into I Will Survive…

Saw a band a couple of weeks ago called USA Nails, who within seconds supplanted Forward Russia as the worst band I’ve ever seen live. So by default I’ll choose one of their songs. Doesn’t matter which one, they all sounded identical.

It’s this.


do i dare listen?

@shucks to thread

it’s not that bad. I’ll hopefully never hear any of it ever again but it’s too bland to really stir the blood

Cotton. Eye. Joe.

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Nah man, the ‘P90X’ line really, REALLY irks me.