Least favourite TV things or whatever


I’m watching the third season of Broad City, and just watched the episode where they end up having to spend a bunch of the money Abbi raised in high school for the girl who was in that accident, and it turns out the girl ended up becoming a model, and [because stuff happens] Ilana gives this girl this super-rare JonBenét Ramsey Beanie Baby worth $13k out of guilt (and it doesn’t even stop the girl/model/whatever from hating Abbi).

this has to be the most irritating TV cliché, where characters have to find a way to lose out on large sums of money so as to not fuck with the formula. I was thinking Broad City was too unconventional to fall into that kind of trap, ughhh. but no.

don’t you hate that?


I also can’t stand the word tropes. would much rather just say ‘things’.


ahaha thanks @bird :smiley:


always got your back, bro