Least punk dogs



Was cycling into work this morning and passed an aging punk (grey and black beard, 3/4 length shorts, Misfits hoodie) waiting for his Alsatian to finish doing a shit so he could pick it up in a little plastic bag.

It struck me that Alsatians must be the least punk dog of all time. If they’re into anything it would be po-faced Rotterdam techno and they don’t even take drugs.

It would be absolutely awful if dogs were allowed into gigs. Shitting everywhere and generally stinking the place up like a big load of hairy twats.


You seem like a real dickhead.


nah, they’re well punk.

got to be something like a king charles spaniel.


Bichon Frise


surely big, bulgy eyes are punk?


washing your hair = not punk

never seen a king charles with greasy hair


that was my initial thought too. but they get scruffy really quickly, and the fact that they’re so un-punk probably makes them even more punk.

i think we need @Ruffers to go over what is and isn’t punk, definitively


Yeah, my sister has a King Charles Spaniel, he’s an endearingly stupid little idiot but he’s definitely not punk


yeah, they crossed my mind too but decided I didn’t want to try and spell it


He’s probably in a DIY space at the moment


I edited my misspelling


editing spelling is not punk


I’d say Alsatians were reasonably punk.

They were the scary dog when I was a nipper (in the 70s) before being replaced briefly by the Rottweiler (or the devil dog) and then later by a series of dogs with bigger jaws.


It’s the association with authority (like the bit in When We Were Kings about them being a symbol of Belgian oppression in DR Congo) that makes them seem so unpunk.


Who wants to be a punk? CG And Ware. You want in on that?


grouchy hasn’t made it over to the new boards :’(


I though he was twee indie?


my grandparents always had alsatians since I was a wee baby so idk I’ve never seen them as scary


surely a leading authority on what is and isn’t punk


Making definitive assertions about what is and isn’t punk doesn’t seem very punk.