Least successful office confectionery


There’s a packet of “golden peanuts” from somewhere in the Caribbean (apparently) that have survived the morning tea/coffee rush completely untouched. This is unprecedented.


Someone brought back some Durian biscuits a few weeks ago. CHRIST ALIVE.


In Bradford - so we get quite a lot of asian sweets in here. I’m grateful lads but this is basically fried sugar.


You’d have to be Hungry Like the Wolf to go for those?


Fixed that for you.


you haven’t changed a word you helmet


oh wait - you have.

still a helmet


yeah I will eat anything and I did have one of these and they were just horrible, even the smell

I should have known because I have eaten durian before :confused:


As a joke I brought back some salted liquorice from Sweden once (in addition to some normal biscuits).

No one took more than one piece.


You didn’t even acknowledge my ‘amazing’ joke. :frowning:


You didn’t need to style it out as a joke to us, mate.


I brought some liquorice last week, it hasn’t been finished. The salted liquorice did eventually get finished.

When I brought in some Turkish delight from Sainsbury’s after being in Istanbul, no one had any.




I am not sure the appeal of Turkish delight I am not sure I know one person who likes it? Also did the turks really invent it and name it?


Nah, it was just the cheap Fry’s stuff. Somehow all the nice Turkish delight didn’t make it to work.


Person at work made a savoury cake out of crab sticks once. SO bad.


Those hard american gums. Worst sweet of all time, barely ever veggie either.


Salted liquorice goes down pretty well here.

Someone brought back some dried fish snacks from Scandinavia last year, they’re still in a tupperware box into which they were banished. Absolutely stank the office out but quite tasty imo


I always presume I don’t like Turkish Delight but the last time I ate any was out of a box of milk tray when I was a child. After having a gander on wiki at the proper stuff it looks kind of all kinds of delicious -

What have I been doing with my life!?


It is soooo much nicer, I always hated turkish delight as a child, turns out that I was eating FAKE stuff.