Leather seats

Got a rental car the other week with leather seats and it occurred to me, they’re not very good, are they? Why are they seen as a premium option? Absolutely horrible when it’s hot and they get warm, if you get bare skin on them it’s nasty… about the only benefit I can see is that they clean easily, but that’s hardly something that should qualify as fancy, might as well have lino.

Same with leather sofas too, if we’re honest.




Not 100% on this but I think you can have heated leather seats but you can’t have heated fabric ones?

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Yeah hate that shit. Good for wiping jizz off I suppose.

my volvo estate has heated fabric seats

:+1: Ahh then I’ve been misinformed.

He’ll reconsider his stance when potty training.

It is from 1994 though. Maybe its illegal now

We had heated leather seats in a Mustang we rented in the US.

But they also had a cool function which was good… after you realised that was the function. Had no idea for ages but it feels like you’re sitting in wet.

Cooling seats sound good. Can’t stand heated ones. Make me feel sick. Like that feeling when you sit on a colleagues chair that’s still hot from their bum :nauseated_face:

heated seats make me feel like i’ve pissed myself. don’t like.

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I’m all about the heated seat!
I get too cold with the AC on so I just heat up my seat and then I’m perf temp

Having isolated parts of my body specifically heated makes me feel like I’m having a stroke or something.

This post could be misconstrued but I refuse to edit it.


Sat in a leather seat right now, as it happens. Not in a car though.

are you riding a cow


I have heated fabric seats, they’re great.

Surely everyone gets leather sofas cause otherwise I’d have ruined mine within weeks by dropping food and drink.

our new car has leather seats. feel so pimp driving it (when I am allowed)

Wife’s car has part leather seats. Horrible in this weather when you’re wearing shorts - burns your legs when you first get in, then you end up getting sweaty and/or stuck to them.

Had heated (fabric) seats on my old car and not a fan really. Bit of a weird sensation and you quickly get too warm and uncomfortable. Heated steering wheel for the winter would be much better.

I can’t think of heated leather seas, without thinking of this

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