Leaving A Job Emails


Ever sent a final email to colleagues when leaving a job? I sent one in my last job because my boss asked me to do so. Was about 10 words long, something like ‘Thanks for everything. BYE’.

Not a fan of them, really.


GOODBYE FOREVER and then the minion mic drop gif.


Yeah it’s a nonsense. I did it once. Similar to yours. Throw some shade into it to spice it up. “I’ve really enjoyed meeting some of you”


also have about 0 interest in keeping in touch after leaving a job. Don’t think I’ve ever stayed in touch with someone who said ‘we should keep in touch!’, whilst the phrase has obviously never been uttered with friends I’ve made on the job and have actually stayed in touch with.


Yeah it’s a pretty standard thing. Think mine was mostly telling people who to contact now I’ve left though.


I leave my office and team of people today. No email, as not leaving the company but think some people might try and hug me which I will stop



i’ve never actually had to do this because both of my ‘proper’ jobs so far have ended quite weirdly and abruptly.

probably just as well because if i’d had the chance to write one at my last job, i expect it would have ended up like an email version of glenn’s breakdown in the last episode of the thick of it.


i’ve only ever had email at one of the jobs i’ve had, and i haven’t left it (yet)


worked in a fucking horrendous job for about 4 months a few years back, my utter thrashpiece of a boss used to micromanage me to the extent that she’d expect me to send every external email i intended to send to her first before it was allowed to be sent out

i took great pleasure in handing her my resignation, she then physically ran back to her desk and emailed everyone in the company to say i had resigned…


Nah, I think not bothering to send one sends a more accurate message.


wow. i didn’t know we used to work together! :stuck_out_tongue:


prefer the idea of slinking off without anyone knowing i’m gone.

always do the out of office thing when leaving, providing contact details etc.


think i started writing one when leaving my last job but gave up as i didn’t really know what to write.

was mainly doing it to let some of my old teammates who were now on another floor now that i was leaving, but then couldn’t decide who to include and who not to bother with.


Once left a job in a call centre where I had altered my hours to work Thursdays instead of Fridays (but everyone I usually worked with was still working Fridays). My last day was a Thursday, so my last day with my actual team and manager was on the Tuesday (I think), which passed without any real fanfare - the only thing I was told was that I should take as few calls as possible on the Thursday, because the team had sales targets based on the number of calls received, so the less I did, the better.

I showed up on the Thursday, found a free desk as usual then proceeded to do zero work. After a few hours, someone from HR (who must have been able to monitor calls taken or something) came and spoke to me, saying something like “do you think just because your team aren’t here you don’t have to do anything?” - they didn’t seem to realise it was my last day. I took a call at that point to fob them off, and the guy who had called was properly cheeky so I put him on hold until he realised I wasn’t coming back to him and he hung up - took over 20 minutes. I then went back to doing nothing.

Didn’t send an email, no.






No content, aside from this gif:


I’m writing mine this very moment, what a coincidence! Think it’s only gonna be a couple of sentences at most. Will post when complete.


Yes I’m spending my last day on DiS