Leaving gifts from the workplace

Anyone got any good ones? any howlers?

Howler at my first job after uni: £20 voucher for black and decker products (?!?!)

Good (job I left before this one): goody bag with various nice things like choco, a mug, some posh tea, and this t shirt :heart_eyes:


When I left my last job they got me a cold brew coffee jug, which was a fucking excellent gift.

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The gift of knowledge, experience and the connections I have made with my colleagues.

Jesus, tough break man

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First job: A pen with ‘marsbarbarbar rocks!’ on it (bit naff)
Last job: My football team’s shirt with my name on the back and a bottle of scotch (bloody excellent)

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When I left Haslemere, they got me a load of tat for my bike (spokey dokes, handlebars streamers, clown car horn ect…). Was so disappointed. The management team got me £50 of beer from Hog’s Back brewery.

When I left Chichester M&S they got me a £150 Rapha voucher so…

i brought in biscuits for everyone

so, negative biscuits i guess?


just imagining the pained, forced smile on your face as you unwrap the clown horn has done me.

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looking at everyone, grimacing, then doing a sad comedy honk

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The only job I’ve left I got made redundant, and I didn’t get a gift.

One of my old colleagues left our company and we got him the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture as a leaving gift

(this one:) https://arcspace.com/wp-content/uploads/CropUp/-/media/124583/2atlas.jpg

But he ended up coming back about 12 months later after the move didn’t work out. To be fair to him, he did donate the book to the company library.

Got a bottle of Woodford Reserve. I don’t like Woodford Reserve. I learned this after buying it on offer, so now I’ve got two basically full bottles of bourbon that I don’t like.

Can’t really complain though, it was a good effort that just didn’t work because I’m an actual nightmare.

Oh fuck, they also got me silver dice cufflinks. Think I gave them to the charity shop immediately.

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Once got given a bottle of Jack Daniels with my face superimposed on the label. Lol.


I’ll swap you for an almost new bottle of Woodford Reserve.

The bottles long empty but I still have it so sure

Excellent. I’ll put it on my desk at work as a stern reminder to do my expenses in a timely manner.