Leaving Spotify - Alternatives, tools and tips etc

Thought it might be helpful to have a dedicated thread on the more practical aspects of how to choose a new streaming service, transfer playlists etc.

Maybe people could chip in with alternatives I’ve missed, tools, tips, general experience etc?

Often things like compatibility with network hifi, audio quality or family plans aren’t really obvious so hopefully experiences will be helpful for anyone thinking of making the leap.

Main Streaming Services
Napster (best artist royalty rate)
Tidal (higher tier pays direct to artist you play not pooled)
Deezer (nice general alternative)
Qobuz (hires audiophile focus)
Apple (integrates your owned files with streamed content)
Amazon (probably has cheap bundles with Amazon prime?)
YouTube (Google). Is this part of a wider YouTube premium package that gives ad free videos etc?

Specialist Streaming Services
Resonate.is (pay per stream to own)
SoundCloud (paid tiers add various listening options)
Idagio (classical music)
Primephonic (classical music)

Buying Digital Albums/Tracks
Bandcamp (you can also stream what you have bought via app or webpage)
Juno downloads
Denovali digital store (!)
Obviously artist/label own websites
I know there are other cheap options so maybe people can add?

Other tools
Soundiiz (playlist and album catalogue transfer)
Tunemymusic (playlist transfer)
I think both Tidal and Deezer have built in playlist import but maybe someone can confirm?
IBroadcast - free streaming of your own music catalogue
ESound (ios & Android) - playlist generator (haven’t used this and I’m sure there are loads of apps that do similar)
Roon (music management/network playing/digital upsampling etc)
Plex (music server software for streaming your own files)


Good thread, thanks

Think a few people were interested in something that scrobbles to last.fm as well as Spotify, if anyone has any input on that particularly


Don’t all the DJs use Beatport?

Qobuz scrobbles to Last.fm. I use it with Roon, which can also connect.


Tidal scrobbles to last.fm

also to add, Youtube music is part of the wider Youtube premium package that gives the ad free visits etc

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Good thread idea, thanks. I have no idea where to go.

As people seem to be leaving on a moral basis then it may be worth getting into what the other companies are up to/invested in/supported by etc as it’s not always clear? Like leaving Spotify to go to amazon doesn’t appeal much. It’s a never-ending minefield though i appreciate that!

Perhaps im just being an idiot, hard to tell at the moment.


If I can be bothered to use ibroadcast, which will mean ripping all my cds to Pc in 2022, what’s the best way to do that?

Some great bargains on here if you choose 192 as the bitrate

This coupled with the artist pooling thing is making Tidal most attractive to me tbh. For reference, this post:



Download Pano Scrobbler and you can scrobble anything to last.fm


Highly recommend using the Bandcamp app. I use that alongside the Double Twist Cloudplayer app pulling from my Google Drive. Super easy, super convenient.

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Thanks for this. Im in the process of moving massive playlists to Tidal.

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Does tidal have smart tv apps? Does it work with apple car play?

I’ve heard smaller artists aren’t on some of the streaming services. Is this the case?

Are they all compatible with chromecast?

Seems totally bizarre it would work in any other way.

Considering leaving Spotify but got a few collab playlists that I really enjoy so would need to convince others to do the same (assume other providers have that functionality?)

It’s worth noting Apple recently bought Primephonic to improve their classical music offering.

I’ve signed up for DiS to be a partner of AppleMusic so we can’t get an affiliate payment for new sign ups but I saw Shazam are offering 5 months for free if you’ve not used it before


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am I being dense, don’t really understand this

in ‘industry standard model’ I presume royalties are shared proportionally. Eg. If Taylor swift gets 1 million streams, and Pocus Whiteface gets 1 stream, then Taylor Swift gets a million times more money. no?

how is that different to the other model in practice?

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I think this is a really good point.

I’d say there are distinct reasons to leave Spotify:

  1. The low rates paid to artists and the way they are paid (pooled)

Obviously this is a fundamental issue so we all have to make our own decision on this but the rates for Napster and others are better than Spotify. I’ll try and find a source and post later.

  1. The use of the platform for hate speech via podcasts like Rogans and possibly, although I’m not certain this has been confirmed, paid promotion of far right songs.

Spotify seems to have cornered the market here at the moment.

  1. The direct investment by Elk/Spotify into weapons.

Of course individual shareholders/small investors in the other companies may be doing morally bankrupt things but personally this seems a fundamental core aspect of Spotify - using money that should be being paid artists to monetize death.

  1. The unique way Spotify is monetizing data tracking, which I don’t fully understand but which I gather uniquely looks to sell on to third parties (not simply for targeting it’s own advertising etc)

In terms of funding and corporate governance issues I think we all know where Apple, Amazon & Google are. For the other streamers, as far as I could ascertain, through an admittedly fairly quick search, they are all the owned/funded by some form of investor group sometimes involving partially by record labels.

If others could add to this I’d really appreciate it as it’s really just off the top of my head.


I’ve been looking into this (wondering if it’s people syncing their offline library from Bandcamp with Spotify?). Perhaps a few distributors not working with Tidal for instance? Am sure that will change. Especially if people report holes

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Oh, also is it easy to convert playlists from spotify - I don’t think Music League creates them automatically at the moment?