Leaving the pub without saying goodbye to anyone

“The work do exit”

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Wanker shake, middle finger, devil horns.

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that reminds me people in that london should come and see my canadian bandmates (and me) on saturday


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I’ve actually known it as a Glaswegian exit

can’t wait to not say goodbye to any of you at the next dismeat


My worst attempt at leaving without saying goodbye was at my friend’s 18th birthday party.

Was totally wasted fed up cos no one wanted to get off with me so stropped off, and decided to set the fire alarm off on the way out, thinking it’d hamper the party (I was REALLY fed up that no one wanted to get off with me).

I confessed immediately, a fire engine came, everyone had to evacuate and the party ended. All of my friends were fuming of course, and I got a ticking off from a fireman.

I was full of remorse so I went up to the DJ and sobbed my heart out, apologising for ruining the party. The DJ was delighted, he got to go home early. Not quite sure why I thought he was the king of the party.

Earlier in the night I’d shouted ‘GLADIATORS READY’ into the face of sober John Anderson (the referee from Gladiators)

Went home and threw up in my sink.


Oh wait, just realised this is for leaving without saying bye to anyone.

Would always tell someone I’m off just so there’s no safety concern or anything. Wouldn’t always say bye to everyone

Wouldn’t do it at a pub with like 3 mates or a dinner or something

Would, and frequently do at big group meets and house parties. Fuck saying goodbye to everyone

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Lots to enjoy here.


if this was a thing i’d basically never stay anywhere


So many of my nights from age 17-18 ended like this

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“this time as intended w/new teeth”


not saying goodbye to everyone =/= not saying goodbye to anyone

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Thus the ‘oh wait’ and the ‘just realised’

Would love to go to the pub with all.the other “frequently” voters and just dwindle slowly throughout the evening


Not sure what I expected, looking back. Never approached girls. Was I just expecting them to flock to me and ask for a snog? Weird, awful child.

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Absolutely never have this instinct when I’m that hammered though. Quite the opposite in fact, I enjoy the idea of them all searching high and low for me, unable to enjoy their night knowing I might not be there any more. It’s the sort of thought that keeps you warm on a four mile walk home, especially if you left so abruptly you didn’t get your coat back from the cloakroom.

Oh yeah in practice I’ve definitely just fucked off when I’m in a state but it’s not something I could defend or advise

Like @hip_young_gunslinger I have heard/seen the term ‘Irish Exit’ being used (possibly on this forum, but I’m not sure) and I was pretty :grimacing:

Personally, and this may shock you, I would call it leaving the pub without saying goodbye to anyone and in general my reaction to someone doing it would depend on whether they were just massively hammered and therefore I’d think they just went home, or else a person having a really shit mental health time, in which case I would be supremely concerned and try to make sure they were okay.