Lee Harvey Oswald


what says you?

  • Shot and killed JFK and acted alone
  • Shot and killed JFK as part of a wider conspiracy
  • Was part of a conspiracy but did not shoot/kill JFK
  • Was a patsy and had nowt to do with the above
  • Aliens

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patsy innit


Can’t melt steel beams


Great thread thirdsy, like it a lot. Might do my own equivalent for Princess Di at some point


i was just wondering (if you spent some time) could you link oswald to all the conspiracy theory related events:

-pyramids and other ancient structures
-crop circles
-princess di
-the other ones



Great word.


Foley’s old LeeHarveyOswald account was top DiSing



fucked it


probably, how did i?


Jack Ruby…


sorry, fucked the poll. try again

  • shot and killed Oswald and acted alone
  • shot and killed Oswald as part of a wider conspiracy
  • something about 9/11

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I created a both hilarious and amazing response quoting your list of events, drawing attention to the fact they’re linked by the presence of Corbyn. But I fucked it. I fucked it and edited it. I am sorry.



did you know that there’s almost an hour of recorded radio interviews with LHO?



Seeing as the wider conspiracy options are in the lead. The conspirators were most likely related to:

  • the US government (secret service, political opponents of JFK)
  • communists (russia, cuba or sympathisers)
  • other US (extreme right wing)
  • the mob
  • george w. bush doesn’t care about black people

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for those who voted acted alone for one or both. why did Oswald kill JFK? why did Ruby kill Oswald?


9/11 was filmed in a TV studio on the moon.


this is a serious thread please take your “”"“humour”"" elsewhere