Lee Scratch Perry (RIP)

A legend.

More thoughts later…


Oh no, what a hero. I always remember the story of when he played Optimo in Glasgow and refused to shake hands with people after because he couldn’t be sure they weren’t “flesh eaters”. One of the great visionaries and real originals departs.


RIP Mr Perry :disappointed_relieved: - hope you are resting in a black ark in the sky somewhere :black_heart:

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Oh no, hadn’t heard this news. What a pioneer he was

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Sad to see the loss of one of the greats and one of the last living links with the golden years of Jamaican music. Must be said he lived a longer life than might have been predicted. Left so much great music behind


What a glorious 85 years he lived

So much immortal, magical music too



He definitely lived what you might call ‘a full life’


Hard to think of many people who had a bigger influence on music in all history tbf


Probably only James Brown tbh

Inventors of entire genres/artforms/industries


Not going to pretend to be an expert on his output, just dipped in and out over the years and enjoyed compilations mainly. Heart of the Congos is an incredible production though, and I’ll always have a special soft spot for this, which was probably my proper introduction to his name and voice:

such a Legend, the term is bandied around alot but a true visionary.


I have to go, my planet needs me

Very sad news was a big influence on a young me after discovering On U Sound his contributions lead me to find loads of his great music.
Saw him live many times nearly all had something odd about them but I’ll never forget him eating bananas without peeling them on stage at jazz cafe an chanting ‘your father was a pork chop’…!
Last time I saw him live was thunderous and he played a blinder sharing the lineup with a reformed Slits, that was a good day


Dunno if anyone heard the Dennis Bovell bit on Giles Peterson there but it was very good - both interesting and funny.

It was maybe twenty minutes and finished just before 6.00 if you’re looking on Sounds.

Perry doing a pop album is actually superb

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