Leeds meat 2.0

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Who is keen? Weekend or school night?

Would probably need to be a weekend for me.

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Either’s good for me, the next weekend I’m free is the 28th April

No thank you

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It’s Live at Leeds the weekend after, which does mean every decent bar will be packed but also might mean more people might be around town

Potentially keen

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Can’t do 28th got a walk on 29th

Think I may have binned off that job already, soz :rofl:

You hear that? It’s the sound of all my hopes and dreams for your yorkshire tenure dissipating into the ether :pensive:

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Stop press: meeting is back on.

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I would like to suggest a date somewhere between 29th April and 24th May.

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OK so who is free the weekend of the

  • 27th April
  • 4th May (bank holiday weekend)
  • 11th May
  • 18th May
  • 25th May

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Might do Live At Leeds, might do Handmade. Not sure.

Saw Royal Blood at Live at Leeds. they said hello Liverpool and got booed


would like to meet you stupid pricks for a pint


Meant to ask how was Bolton Abbey and how much was parking?

It was great. The stepping stones were completely covered.

10 quid!

Also the food at Cav Pav was not good. Sure it used to be pretty nice.


Looks like it’s between the 27th April and 4th May. Someone who isn’t me make a decision?

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I think 4th May works better for me. Will confirm this evening though.

Looks like my yorkshire job is going ahead but the dates are all being pushed back into May. Small chance I could possibly make the 4th, will def be around mid-May!

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