Leeds/Reading Festival 2022

Anyone interested?

No, thought not.

Seems like at least up north it’s been a roaring success so far…

Oh Christ this isn’t good.

I mean it’s not exactly the early 00s but I still have doubts about the organisation/safety of that festival

Pulled out of Reading now

Has anyone not been booed?

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Rage Against The Machine, presumably


They were saying “Boooo-mbtrack, what a pity we won’t get to hear this song this weekend but we salute you smashing old chappies, The Rages And The Machines”


At Reading for a 21st year. It’s my place, I will always have time here.



Not really if you are going to be performing tracks off your new album. Loads of people have done it down the years and the media always make some sort of big deal about it and some just make the request anyway.


Went to Leeds in 2002, the eventually ill-fated riot-torn one which led to it being moved from Temple Newsam. Very sad I haven’t really been since (I was 17 twenty years ago… sheesh) but it was actually on the Friday where the Carling dictatorship aside, it mostly seemed pretty friendly and good-natured. Had to go before the dubious pleasure of Buckethead-era Guns N’ Roses but Prodigy were decent, and enjoyed Hell is for Heroes, Incubus, Slipknot with my sister at the top of a big wheel :smiley: and the Offspring where I befriended and moshed with a guy in a T-shirt saying “Jesus is a C…”


Sounds like the “…but who’s RATM?” comment was misinterpreted. I think he meant to imply that no one is like them/can replace them.

The “gammy leg” comment is grim though and we all know Matty Healy is a wanker.



It’s probably at least a bit more serious than that, which is why I myself changed the original “Booomb-track” post as I thought it was insensitive. Seriously though, get well soon Zack.

Quietus did a piece on it this week


I put “gammy leg” because that’s verbatim what he said.

Have edited the post to include quotation marks to better quite him.

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No probs, understood.

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Crowd is dead af this year, fair play

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Nice to see Wolf Alice on a Reading/Leeds/Glastonbury main stage as it’s getting dark for once.

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I was in the field with the riots that year, and I thought 2005 was much more scary, tbh.

My main memories of both years were of sprinting between stages to see bands, as there were so many on the line-ups that I wanted to see.