Leeds/Reading Festival 2022

Can anyone out their finger on when Alex Turner started thinking he was Elvis?

Found their live performances pretty unwatchable for years.

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After josh homme introduced him to mountains of Columbia’s finest…


Probably got loads of new tunes they dont want online officially yet?

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yeah i was at leeds that year, camped near the oxfam tent i think. my mates that we were camped with left on the sunday night, my then-gf didn’t sleep all night coz she was too busy watching the security fuck people up. i drank all the leftover beers coz i didn’t want to carry them back home so i had no trouble sleeping :grinning:


Just because you’ve seen the 1975, you don’t have to behave like it’s the year 1975

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That voice as well. Vic Reeves pub singer.

Seems a lot calmer than when I used to go

Good to know some things never change

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There’s footage doing the rounds claiming to be of Armed Police at Reading??? Really seems a bit unnecessary or is it really that serious?

Hing is R&L has had similar of not quite as extreme scenes as Woodstock for years

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I’d rather riot than see this tbf


Not a bad band but that’s exactly the same guy as yer man off Yard Act isn’t it

Yeah there’s always some armed police around. They usually seem more concerned with the perimeter, particularly at the end of the night. Always assumed they’re there in case of terrorism, but idk.

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Nah they are shite saw em supporting Yeasayer in 2012 they were bobbins then and still bobbins now.

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They’ve been good fun live each time I’ve seen them.

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They were around a decade ago?

I think I definitely went on strike from any modern music, great or shite, between 2011 and 2015.

Sorted now and mostly thanks to the “Dave” in Dave and Sully!