Leeds, where's good to drink/eat?


So then, where is good to eat and drink in Leeds?


Bundobust is fantastic for food. All veggie but done right.


What are you looking for and what budget? My Thai is good, cheap and close to the venue. Bundobust is always good but might be pretty busy


Belgrave Music Hall is near the arena too and good for both


Have no idea really, just peckish and wanna eat now before it gets to the point where we won’t eat at all :grinning:


North Bar! Miss that place so much


Belgrave, Nation of Shopkeepers


What kinda food?


What they serving in there?


The tv has decided she wants a burger


McDonald’s it is then…


Belgrave will have loads of burgers things, its got a whole range of stalls. Ace beer terrace


Pizza Fella does the best pizza in Leeds imo. Tapped does good pizza too (and great for beer)

Thai A Roi Dee is BYOB and my favourite restaurant in Leeds, dead cheap too. My Thai as mentioned is also good but no guarantees of a table.

The Social, North Bar good for drinking.


Northern Monk Brewery is class. A little outside the centre, but great if you like you’re beer.


Thai Aroy is great.


Little Tokyo does really nice Japanese (duh) food. Starters include fried tempura sushi rice balls that are :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: