On Sunday 17th February I’m going to Doncaster for a football match and will be coming back the following day from Leeds. I know there are a number of Leeds DiSers. Any recommendations on what to visit etc? I’ll be heading back to London at 5pm.


I’ve just moved here, so will be keeping my eye on this thread too for any recommendations.

My knowledge hasn’t got much further than pubs and bars that seem good so far - Duck and Drake, North Bar and The Angel are all decent/in the centre. If you’re here on the 17th and you’re up for it check if there’s anyone good playing Brudenell, which is a bit of a local institution. This place - http://www.caravanseraileeds.co.uk/ - is really good, cheap middle-eastern food which you can either take away or eat in a small casual restauranty bit upstairs.

Daytime-wise, my knowledge is way sketchier. Royal Armouries Museum - https://royalarmouries.org/venue/royal-armouries-museum/ - is free and in a decent spot on the docks, particularly if it’s a nice day. Have to say I wasn’t blown away by it when I visited, but it’s interesting enough.


Find me a better combo than Friends of Ham folllowed by a Brudenell gig and i’ll eat my ruddy hat.

Best British city by a distance.


Big fan of friends of ham, tend to go for a calzone on the same street as the brude when I’m over that way though

Pitza Cano if you’re over that way.

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Have a wander under the railway station and check out the river flowing through the arches. It’s pretty great.


That’s the one

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Friends of ham did the bankruptcy bought out by a mate thing leaving suppliers hanging so I’ve been boycotting them since

Tropical World and then a train to Halifax

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Monday daytime,
Bit of a lie in and then Laynes espresso near the train station for a nice coffee and breakfast after the pre work rush has finished. Have a mooch around the city centre, the victoria quarter, market and corn exchange are all nice architecturally. Think the Gallery and Museum are closed on a Monday Go to Bundobust for lunch, few small plates and some beers. Probably nip up to whitelocks for another pint or two then get a couple of train beers from little leeds beer house in the corn exchange.


Just looked at the gig listings.
Toy are playing the Brudenell Sunday night, just get a ticket for that and go there after you get back into leeds from Donny. It’s about a fiver in a cab

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if you’re interested in buildings it’s worth seeking out Temple Works, mad Egyptian tomb-inspired old mill building hidden amongst anonymous office buildings.

Image result for temple works leeds


I like village books but I only went to Leeds once, and I went so I could go to village books, so I’m not the most informed about Leeds.

Near northern monk brewery but it’s shut on a monday. Cross Keys is a good boozer round there

It is. Nice food too.

Cheers for that. Going on a Monday may not have been the best of plans.

Currently I’m staying in Doncaster on the Sunday night (seem to be a few decent pubs). as I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to take bag into the ground or not. But the hotel is cancellable so could just go straight to Leeds and book something there.

No love for The Brewery Tap? Love this place right by the station.

Always try and align my work visits with a pint or two here before catching the train back darn sarf.

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St Paul’s House is excellent too


Been to Leeds a few times now. Really upped its game in the last 10 years or so. Great city.

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Nice city but also the single worst place to drive a car. Absolute nightmare of a city centre