I’ve been in for beers but not when footballs been on, it’s ok. Bit out of the way so might be dead

Suits me it being dead

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I won’t know until the start of October if this is happening but potentially I might want to be groundhopping in Yorkshire on the weekend of 15/16 October. If this did come to fruition, I don’t suppose anyone in Leeds would be happy for me to crash on a sofa or whatever? Would buy pints as a thank you.

Sheffield actually would probably be slightly better but I don’t think there are many Sheffield DiSers by comparison

i am in OWT! good work DiS. very niche request but does anyone know where I can get a decent bloody mary? i am struggling today ha

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Roland’s is nearby and is my go-to for cocktails (can’t personally vouch for any Bloody Mary credentials as I don’t drink them much)


Someone on Google reviews said their Bloody Mary was “rather spicy”

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9 hours too late, but Brunswick does very good Bloody Marys (and if you have a roast they give you a little shot of one)

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Anyone going to Spielbergs at Hyde Park Book Club on Friday? Might drive up

Off to watch Drahla at wharf chambers me

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Just gave them a spin and they sound pretty good. What sort of time would you think about getting there? Might make a decision on the day.

Will be wfh and driving up if I’m up for it so I guess 7ish

I’m in the office nearish Hyde Park so would stay out from there, so 7ish works well. I’ll pop you a message tomorrow.

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Weird. Looks like it must’ve moved from Leeds to Northampton but for some reason both are still showing up online

Might go to the Manchester date next Friday

That is weird! Not on Book Club’s website, so yeahmust have moved.

Apologies to the Hyde Park Book Club and the good folk of Leeds, but when the chance to visit and play in Northampton presented itself we simply couldn’t turn the opportunity down. We’re sure you’ll understand.


Handier for the drive to Glasgow the next day too

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unfunny tweet was here, sorry to anyone I upset.


There really isn’t anything in the context that excuses it. It’s still pretty shocking about 15 years later that the BBC broadcast a 10 minute sequence calling Leeds a miserable shithole in the middle of their flagship prime time family show.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that. Out of context it does just look like a joke and I’m really sorry if I’ve upset anyone. Should I edit the post?

Noooo sorry I think my post makes it seem well more dramatic than it actually is. It’s an episode of Doctor Who where London get made uninhabitable for some reason or another and Catherine Tate gets rehoused in Leeds, and there’s a back and forth with her arguing with somebody being like “No you can’t send us to Leeds” with the joke being that having to go to Leeds is worse than alien invasion or whatever. And you think she’s the butt of the joke here with the punchline being ignorant Londoner thinks Leeds is a shithole. But then she gets to Leeds and it is a bleak hovel with all the locals being hostile to refugees until she teaches them good manners. Just kinda your standard 00s punching down comedy. But yeah the tweet is funny, is does out of context just seem ridiculous and looks amusing, I just think it’s funny/shocking that even with the context it’s exactly the ignorant/London-centric attitude you think it must be a parody of. Didn’t want to make you feel bad for posting it, sorry.