What do you want to do

Its not far at all from the city centre, you have loads of options. Drop them off, walk down for a meal - book somewhere cause its Saturday night in a big city, then when you’re done, walk back up to Beckett

There are loads of casual places near there, so shouldn’t be a need to book. It can get quite busy though, but as safbruv says it depends what you want to do (and the sort of time in the evening).

Eat, and then wait/hang I guess. Pub is fine for wait/hamg, but Saturday…

Cinema? Literally anything that won’t be too painful!

Book a restaurant, there’s loads then find a quiet pub, there’s loads

Any eating recommendations that will take a while, so we can loiter. Any bars/pubs that aren’t horrible. Time-wasting stuff.

Happy to book. Needs to be veggie friendly!


Maybe book the Reliance in walking distance. Nice gastro type of pub, with decent beer. Few other good restaurants around too. There are loads of good bars/pubs about in Leeds (North Bar, Reliance, Brew York, Parkside Tavern, Assembly Underground are some in that sort of area).

Ox Club maybe as a bit of a nicer restaurant. Wen’s if you fancy Chinese, or Pizza Fellas for (obviously) pizza. Plus, loads more.

Edit: probably not Ox Club if veggie. Although, my veggie sister has taken me a couple of times, so still probably good if you are fine with other people having offal type stuff.

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That’s ace, thanks so much! Perfect.


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Reliance is shut so is assembly.

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If I wasn’t I’m sure you’ll be fine…

Well, anywhere nice that IS open would be fab, recommendation-wise.

Permanently? The Reliance has been about for ages, and I have liked assembly the few times I have popped in.

Haven’t lived in Leeds for 10 years though, and my sister has finally moved away. So, I probably won’t be going there much more. It is one of my favourite places to drink though. Loads of good places and so compact.

Assembly has shut down.
Reliance is being refurbed after being sold to a Harrogate company.

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According to google, Eat Your Greens is still open, which is a nice veggie inclined bistro type place. It is a bit of a walk from Leeds Beckett, but may be a good place to have an earlish dinner and to stop somewhere else for a drink after.

Bundobust is also great for veggie Indian street-food stuff (plus good beer). I have only really gone in the day on weekdays, so you probably do need to book on Saturday evenings. It is certainly worth it if you haven’t been before.

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Italian small plates at stuzzi, Thai aroy dee or mommy Thai if you like thai all around the same area bars around there north (busy) brew York (quieter) the social (should be alright)

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This stuff is great! Thanks so much. Eat your greens is looking like a winner, but if not then we’ll surely find something else from these suggestions.


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Crowd of favours more or less next door would be fine for a pint so would wapentake

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Booked! Thanks so much; really appreciated. Mrs AD also thanks you!!



Enjoyed Bento near there too

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