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strong right hand but pathetically clumsy left-handers represent

Bless you.

How do you search for posts on here?

I did one that was something like

It’s a bit too sinister in here for my liking. I’m out.

Southpaw here


Was having a chat with the (right-handed) tv about how lefties use a knife and fork the other day. I use them ‘orthodox’, fork left and knife right. This seems natural to me, because the fork is the main utensil, it’s the one that carries food to your gob.

And if I only use the fork or a spoon, it’s in my left hand. But if a rightie uses the fork alone, they switch from left to right. They have to switch! Eating is left-handed!

I’m not falling for this. You’ll be first on the list once Theresa May gets bored

Left handed :point_left:t3:

Does anyone else find that they’re basically ambidextrous because of the right handed world in which we live?

I actually used to write with both hands as well when I was little.

I do this but the other way around (because I’m right handed), but you’re 100% correct on all points here.

Halfbreed here. Was left handed up until primary school where my left handed writing was eventually drilled out of me (I’m assuming that doesn’t happen any more?). Always played football left footed though.

With the advent of mobile comms and the like and the effect of stopping writing so regularly I have definitely veered back to being more left handed these days. My left handed hand writing still looks like a five year old’s however.

Handedness is generally considered a spectrum rather than binary anyway:


Yep. I use my knife and fork the right-handed way; I use my mouse with my right hand; I play a right-handed guitar.

Apparently half of lefties mouse with their right hand (I’ve had two colleagues like this).

I mouse left, and that feels fine to me as I left-click with my impressively well-developed middle finger. It’s felt fine since Amiga days.


Yes but eat right handed like a berk and usually have to spend half an hour struggling with an iron before remembering to switch hands

Fork in the right hand?

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hey fam yep left handed

right handed usually for sports ie cricket, badminton, or table tennis

Whenever I do that, I feel like Tony Soprano eating ziti.