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Left handed + left footed :+1:

Did anyone else go to those Victorian era re-enactment places for a school trip?

Me and all the other lefties were singled out by the teacher/actress and screamed at for being decendents of the devil and forced to write the rest of the day with our right hands.

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Haha, YES! I remember me and the other lefty in the class had to do some writing tasks, and they constantly kept making us write right-handed. Can’t remember what it was called and Google isn’t helping…

I sadly have no idea what it was called. We took a coach to one and then the next year the actress/teacher came to our school and we dressed up our classroom.

yep, we went here:
i remember dressing up and polishing shoes, and was then told said polishing wasn’t good enough :confused:

Anyone ambidextrous? I write with my left hand but seem to be right sided with everything else. Use to occasionally write with my right hand when I was a student and my hand ached, it didn’t look great but was legible.

Might try writing with my right hand til it looks just as good.

It’d be good if being left handed made you super valuable like a polyglot



Got a new notebook at work today and the margin is on the opposite side. Is this a sign?

im left handed but started playing guitar right handed is that ok?

seems like you need both hands to play a guitar really anyway

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HAPPY LH DAY! :fist_right::fist_right::fist_right::tada::tada::tada:

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I knew all the best posters would be left handed


I do that. Seems a left hand would be better to do the fiddly bits anyway