Left luggage!

There’s a thread in this:

What have you left behind on trips, let’s see if we can reunite some people with their lost stuff.

At the same place many years ago (when my girls were still small) I left behind 2x fluffy kids dressing gowns (left hanging on the back of the door), never got those back either

Last year I left behind a pepper grinder (self catering place)

I was feeling this year as I thought I hadn’t left anything, until I got that sinking feeling this morning

I used to go on holiday with my friend’s family and his dad was a bit of a joker. When we were driving through the US/Canadian border at Niagara Falls the guard asked him if he was planning on leaving anything in Canada. He said “aye, my breakfast”.

“Could you please step out of the car sir?”

Here’s mine:

When I was a about 3, I had this truck:

I loved it and it was almost bigger than me. I left it on the overnight ferry to liverpool once, I was devastated. I went looking for it on the return trip but never found it.

left the best hat i ever had on a plane. well annoying, hats don’t suit me at all but for some reason this one just worked.

had an amazing scarf as well that i got in a thrift store in portland and left it in some horrible club and never got it back

RIP hat and scarf

:musical_note::notes:‘Cause I’m the unknown stuntman’:notes::musical_note:

That makes Eastwood look so fine :musical_note:

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All the mid-30s *cough * guys outing themselves in this thread now…

They don’t make 'em like that anymore etc…

I can’t believe @foppyish is old enough to have watched it though, surely?

A girl at work used to work in housekeeping at a posh hotel. Said all sorts of expensive jewellery, watches, clothes, sex toys, etc would get left behind and nobody would ever claim it.

Don’t think I’ve ever left anything behind myself though.

“give it a bit of a rinse under the tap, it’ll be fine!”

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so many phone chargers

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left a really nice shirt in an air bnb in copenhagen, the lady offered to post it back (which would have cost LOADS) so i said no. but i kinda regret it. really liked that shirt.

A load of cds in New York
All in Spotify now so fuck you

I know the reason why is bleak but the idea of leaving a bag behind and the police gingerly walking up to it before trying to blow it up really tickles me.

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I’m not really, I know of it but it wasn’t something I watched as far as I can remember so I’m not really sure how I came to end up with the toy truck. It might’ve been cheap in a sale and I got it for Christmas or something.

or perhaps a cast off from my brothers, dunno

I’ve another one. I left a pair of swimming kecks in the chaning room of a hotel sauna/steam room. After breakfast on the morning of our departure I asked at reception if they’d were in lost property or something. They were and the receptionist said that they’d be brought up to my room. By the time I left, they still hadn’t turned up, so some lucky duck ended up with my swimming kecks. The end.