🗨 🗣 The official 'who the fuck do you sound like' Vocaroo thread 🗨 🗣


Hey! Following on from the interest gauging thread I thought I’d put this thread out there. Essentially nominate a DiSer to say something and once they post their Vocaroo message they in turn nominate a DiSer to say something and so on. You can dance around the subject and say what you like but please do make sure to include what your nominating DiSer has asked.

Let’s not get too stereotype-y though eh, lets respect each other’s geographical location and culutral identity.

Details of who signed up to record themselves are in a poll in the op:

Online dating
Through the Keyhole with jeremys_iron

I recorded this while slightly hungover yesterday: https://vocaroo.com/i/s02kB4bUdjcE

I would like to nominate @colon_closed_bracket to give me his best ‘it’s been an emotional day…’


it’s your boy :joy:


Managed not to refer to myself as ‘peng’.



I can’t do it right now but hold me to it.


i’m all up for it but i’m not going to do it at work am i


No probs! Thought I’d get the ball rolling before lunch so people could record themselves then.


i would like to hear @ProfDog recite a section of seinfeld’s standup comedy


This is perfect :smiley:


Every time I listen to it I keep thinking ‘my accent has softened’. And I say ‘fred’ instead of ‘thread’ :man_facepalming:




:grinning: good chuckle




I’m gonna need a step by step guide on how I record my voice
I don’t understand it


go to vocaroo.com press record


It’s not working on my phone?
or my laptop


you have to start speaking after you press ‘record’


you can just record it on your phone’s voice recorder and upload it to vocaroo via the link in the top right corner?

also if you’re gonna do one, please say ‘pale ale’ :smiley:


ripping off @ma0sm’s schtick there, pal


Doesn’t work