Tell me about your favourite leftover food, how late is appropriate to leave it, do you reheat it etc.

Lets start with the best, pizza.

Fine to just keep it in the box overnight, colder than a February dawn, and there’s something about it that makes the base and the tomato sauce sing perhaps even better than the freshly cooked versions.

So let’s talk leftovers.

Can’t decide if I like cold or microwaved leftover pizza more. Different leftovers for different… needs.

Leftover Chinese is the absolute worst.

DiS has made me very wary of leftover rice.

all of this is true

Big fan of ordering extra veggie dishes when getting a curry in and reheating them for a late breakfast.

The rice, but also if you’ve gone for something with fluorescent orangey-red sauce (i.e. you ordered properly) it’s absolutely revolting when it’s cold and congealed.

takeaway curry makes a delicious bonus meal on Monday night.

It all becomes cold gloopy MSG slop. Eugh.

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You know what the absolute worst things to leave over are?

Sandwiches. Bloody awful.

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After a subday roast im a big fan of bunging all the leftover roast veg together into a potato cake with some of the meat, making a sort of patty out of the stuffing or nut roast, frying them off and having a poached egg on top

Day two lasagne is always a good lunch.


Some leftovers are good both hot and cold, others (namely stir fry) are only good heated.

Had some leftover beetroot risotto yesterday cold for lunch, 100% lovely

Cold curry is a favourite of mine. Mrs HYG never finishes her curry, so on a Saturday or Sunday morning I get the treat of half a naan, dredging through the congealed sweet goodness of her tikka massala sauce - maybe with a couple of forgotten lumps of chicken in there. Bliss.

This reminds me I also have some leftover chilli in the fridge, might have it now on a bit of toast.

Sun Tzu said that, I think.
On reading this back I’d like to stress this was meant to be a joke about syntax and not anything else.

He ripped me off

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leftover chips is the worst

Disagree. They’re pish, but they’re not actually disgusting.

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ok, well you’re wrong. thanks.

Depends on the standard of chips. Thicker the cut the more reasonable. Wedges are good.