Legal help - parking fines

Has anyone had the displeasure of being fined by Group Nexus for parking in a car park and not validating their presence?

The car park in question is opposite a pub and next to a kids park but managed by Group Nexus for the pub owners. I parked at 1600 hrs on the 07052021 and left at 1614 after popping into the kids park with my two.

Now have a £60 fine which will rise to £100 if not paid within 28 days. I’m pretty sure the pub wasn’t even open so I wouldn’t have been able to validate my parking even if I’d wanted to.

Any advice on how to get out of these things is appreciated…

This is the place for the best info :+1:

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Nice one, thanks.

Can’t find the website I used when I challenged mine but this has some useful advice.

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If it’s managed on behalf of the pub it might be worth speaking to them very nicely about it. They might have a way to cancel the ticket or at least verify if you were allowed to park there and if there was a way for you to validate your parking.

I worked in customer service for a retailer and “i used your car park incorrectly and got a ticket” was quite a common complaint. Our shops had the ability to cancel a ticket with the 3rd party car park management company, although it would generally only be used if there was a good reason that wasn’t the customer’s fault, not just “i didn’t read the sign”.

I will say that if they’ve got a car park management company in, it is probably for a reason, such as the car park being constantly used by people who aren’t spending money with the pub, costing them money in maintenance and lost custom, so they may not be willing to help, but it’s worth asking where you stand.

The car park was a public one until very recently. It’s next to a kids play park which no one can now park in leaving the car park empty most of the time. The pub management don’t give a shit from what I’ve heard. I’m not paying it on principle to be honest.


I’ve worked in places with a similar set up. Would be worth popping into the pub and explaining tbh. There should also be an appeals process with the company or trade body of the car park. Not paying sounds grand in theory, but they’re legally entitled to go after their owed money regardless of how unfair it may seem.

Become a freeman on the land and tell them you do not stand under their authority

(please don’t actually do this)


Being honest I’m not even sure this one does seem unfair - if the pub own the land they’re entitled to restrict parking, even if it is next to a park and even if they didn’t previously restrict it - but no harm in trying

Was just thinking back to the amount of complaints we used to get about it. I was called a c*** because we introduced parking charges (redeemable in store) to stop commuters blocking up our small car park. I agree with you btw.

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I would say knowing the strength of feeling locally, the type of pub it is, the proximity to other business who are suffering due to this change of use would probably suggest it is unfair. And regardless of all that, an empty car park at 4pm in the afternoon whilst the pub is shut? and users of the park have to park dangerously to be able to access the park? I really don’t think they are playing a fair game.

But presumably the other businesses and the council didn’t share the cost of the land and don’t share the cost/effort of any maintenance, so I can see why the pub owners might not be up for it. It’s not their responsibility to provide parking for other businesses and facilities just because they have parking spaces for their own, so it’s probably the council you should be annoyed with.

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its not the council that have issued me a ticket. I don’t know about previous ownership, but it was free to park for everyone, including people using the pub. The pub will lose out in the end as people are voting with their feet already.

Tell them you had to take your child to the toilet.

Failing that ask them to show how 14 mins of you parking there equates to 60 pounds lost revenue.

I’d just pay it and never park there again as I just couldn’t do with the stress.

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Yeah I may have to pay. But I’ve appealed and it seems worth having a go at them.

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