Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Out in 15 hours guys after what feels like a 15 year wait. If silly old Dark Souls deserves a dedicated thread, then so does Link.

Please, no spoilers. Just general thoughts and banter unless you hide plot specifics.



fuuuck i’m getting serious FOMO now. def can’t afford it for at least a couple of months.



I got an advance copy, guess what happens? after a while you end up in a dungeon with loads of chests, and one of them contains a compass and another one contains a map! …I know, I couldn’t believe it either!


Did someone mention Dark Souls?


According to Mike D* you are inserting a non-existent colon in the title.

*Diver obviously


Also riding the FOMO train.Now about 75% convinced I’m buying a switch in the next few months.First new console since the Gamecube.


I think the reviews are going to start appearing online at eleven this morning UK time. Everything I’ve heard so far makes me think it might be the highest rated game of all time, critically anyways.

Some of the statements in these recent previews that suggest it’s the best in the series do seem really over the top, but maybe they’re right! The Edge review is really glowing (they gave it a ten) and the scans of that review are available online if people google for it.

I’ve got too many games to play at the moment and I’m saving up for a deposit, so I don’t see myself getting a Switch until June at the very earliest, Christmas at the latest. It’s going to be a long wait either way!


He’s just editor of Waypoint (AKA Vice Gaming, kids). What does that SJW know…?


Huh, I always read it as Breath of the Wind.


Think I’ll avoid this thread until I’m pretty deep in to the game. A lot of the tasks seem non-linear so I don’t want to spoil something that someone might do in the 3rd hour and I might not see until the 20th hour.


hmm suppose there’s always the credit card :confused:


10s across the board, the hype is real


'kin ell.

Giantbomb - 5/5
Guardian - 5/5
IGN - 10/10
Polygon - 10/10
Gamespot - 10/10
Destructoid - 10/10
Edge - 10/10
Eurogamer - Essential (top marks)
Kotaku - No score but that it’s “the best Zelda to date”




Bad day to have a credit card. I can hear it in my wallet like the drums from Jumanji


Does it work with motion controls? Loved waving around the old wii sword for Twilight Princess.


Managed to find a non spoiler review.


After 60 reviews the lowest score appears to be a 9


Some critics hailing it as the best game of all time :astonished:


can feel my credit card vibrating in my pocket