Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Ah fuck sake, looked at a walkthrough and realised I was in the final room I just missed the fucking metal door. Bollocks. Apparently you can go round the back way and trigger the boss fight by opening the door too, but again, I missed it was metal. Am always forgetting my runes. Keep drowning when trying to swim places because I forget about the ice blocks.


It’s terrible, just do it and don’t go back

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I know I can do it, just fucked it up a couple of times by rushing it and am too frustrated now. Apparently you can Stasis+ the bastards too? There’s so much to remember in this game.


Finally beat Thunderblight Ganon after what felt like several sessions. I was able to solve the Camel divine beast myself with no walkthroughs and felt very proud of myself, then kept getting merked by Ganon, which drove me looking at a guide, which I’m annoyed by - even though they didn’t actually help, I’d figured it out (even the magnesis bit), I just had to GIT GUD as I believe the kids say.

Think the main issue was my weapons, didn’t have enough one-handed swords so was finding it hard to block his fast attacks with a shield then hit him back, but anyway, done it in the end.