Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

Ah fuck sake, looked at a walkthrough and realised I was in the final room I just missed the fucking metal door. Bollocks. Apparently you can go round the back way and trigger the boss fight by opening the door too, but again, I missed it was metal. Am always forgetting my runes. Keep drowning when trying to swim places because I forget about the ice blocks.

It’s terrible, just do it and don’t go back

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I know I can do it, just fucked it up a couple of times by rushing it and am too frustrated now. Apparently you can Stasis+ the bastards too? There’s so much to remember in this game.

Finally beat Thunderblight Ganon after what felt like several sessions. I was able to solve the Camel divine beast myself with no walkthroughs and felt very proud of myself, then kept getting merked by Ganon, which drove me looking at a guide, which I’m annoyed by - even though they didn’t actually help, I’d figured it out (even the magnesis bit), I just had to GIT GUD as I believe the kids say.

Think the main issue was my weapons, didn’t have enough one-handed swords so was finding it hard to block his fast attacks with a shield then hit him back, but anyway, done it in the end.


Right, third beast done, the lizard boy up with the Gorons who are absolute lads. Really happy with how it all went, managed to figure it all out myself, was a lot more compact than the Gerudo one, but yeah, felt good. Dispatched Fireblight Ganon first attempt too, in comparison to Thunderblight, which was an arse.

Just the one left!


Which one left?

The bird one

Had a nightmare trying to do a shrine, first one I’ve struggled with in ages, not because I couldn’t figure it out but because I didn’t any arrows and I lost the torch it gave me because I got frustrated and threw it at a lantern and it fell in the lava. ARSE.

The amount of times I’ve thrown a weapon off a cliff :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Was so pissed off! I already left once to go get arrows, now I have to leave again to go find a torch somewhere because I sacked off wooden weapons god knows when.

Also realised I’ve uncovered all but a couple of sections of the map, but have only done 60 shrines.


Last divine beast done! Loved the whole Rito village vibe, really great. Again, was all a piece of piss compared to the Gerudo one, killed off Windblight Ganon on first attempt. Still only 70 shrines or so done, but I think the only key story thing left to do is go get the master sword in the woods before heading to the castle? Not in any rush though, still tonnes of stuff I haven’t gone near yet.


Forgotten what a total ballache Yiga Hideout is. Thank God this time I just watched a speedrunner do it and bypass it’s utter bullshit.

Once I realised you can used stasis it made it so easy. Apparently you can just walk in the back way too to trigger the boss fight and skip it all together? But yeah I struggled the first few attempts with just bananas

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Just need something like this in 2.

Think I’ve finally got to go and do the castle. Have done 90+ shrines, full stamina, all the beasts, finished Tarrey Town, got the Master Sword, god knows how many side quests… not sure I can be bothered to track down the rest of the shrines or do the endless fetch quests without just looking them up now… but the castle remains.


The deed is done.

Glided over to the back side of the castle and worked my way up through the dungeon. Was only really planning a poke around at first, but with the master sword, and after finding the Hylian shield, I was carving shit up. Once I found a cooking pot and whipped up a bunch of super health meals, I was flying. Only sticky moment was when I got locked in a room with a Lynel, to my shame I just ancient arrowed him away.

Anyway, got up to the top and thought I might as well give it a go. Ganon wasn’t much tougher than the other blights, the only issue was I kept fucking up my shield parry on his lasers, so I had to wait for Daruk’s protection to recharge so I could zap him and get in the hits. Then beast ganon is practically a mini game, even with my shitty, but lovely horse.

Overall, I thought it was incredible. It’s the first major modern title I’ve played through to its credits (Celeste aside) since I decided “gaming” wasn’t for me as a kid. Can’t think of a better way to break my hold out. It was epic, achingly beautiful, felt like a true journey, at times a real challenge, but it had a real sense of humour and heart that kept me involved. I remember giving up games like Tomb Raider or Hitman as a kid because they were so stressful, but this was always fair and encouraging.

I’m sure I’ll still dip in to find a few more shrines and finish the memories, but I think I can put a bow on it for now.

Incredible game, great experience. 10 out of motherfucking 10.



Maybe in future, but I think for now I want to allow myself to tackle some other games (just reached the Shinra building in FFVII - lift or stairs?), and there’s still 30 odd shrines and half a dozen memories to track down if I still want to dip in and out.