Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

This is already my third most played game :flushed: I’m at the point where you need to go fight the lynel to collect shock arrows, so I’m doing a bit of grinding first. Tbf most of my time on the game has been spent dicking about, activating towers etc.

Also find it funny how, before I played this, I looked at basically any adventure/rpg game (Xenoblade, Octopath, The Witcher, Dragon Quest) with a sense of longing…but now I can imagine just feeling underwhelmed. Still interested in Pokémon/Fire Emblem though, so they’re high on my list (after Aninal Crossing)


This is amazing. Wish I’d been able to do this when I was young.

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As much as I adored XC and had a huge amount of fun with Witcher 3, they’re still very linear games, with a handful of options in terms of traversal and combat, broken up by huge expanses of scenery you fall in love with. But beneath that, the mechanics are very simple and repetitive.

BOTW though is so different. A non-linear narrative you piece together yourself, a totally open game that may kick your arse or be a walkover depending on when you come across it, terrain that’s fully traversable and open, multiple options to dealing with situations encouraging you to think on the fly… it literally reacts to you and how you play.

For example, enemy skull fortresses. I’ve stealthed around them, taking out people one by one. I’ve sailed in, cutting the rope of hanging lanterns to blow them up. I’ve set the grass on fire around them and smoked the enemies out. I’ve worn mask disguises, sneaked in and taken them out from behind enemy lines. I’ve waded in with Urbosa’s fury and lightning proof gear, electrocuting everyone. I’ve got a metal door, applied stasis and launched it at the enemies.

It’s incredible.


More than one way to get those shock arrows. I fought the Lionel head on, took me a solid hour of trying but got there. In hindsight it wasn’t the easiest way but it was thrilling and satisfying

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Absolutely. First time I played it I did the same. Second time, I snuck around collecting them all and setting off bombs to distract him.

And @vamos As much as I bet there is an easy way of sneaking those arrows, I want to take the beast on, bet it has some serious items

What heart/stamina level were you at when you beat him?

I don’t think I was that strong at that point? Got to Zora’s Domain pretty swiftly and within 15 hours.

I recall it was pretty epic when I beat him and I used a ton of arrows. And that it wasn’t anywhere near as hard as some of the Lynels later in the game. So it is doable!

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I seem to remember getting a good stash. I must only have had 4-5 hearts, can’t remember. Was bloody hard but my combat improved a lot.


Boy just did Windblight Ganon by himself. Proud day in the Balonz household.


Fuck! I’d already done one of the shrine quests shrines without triggering the quest. Did the final shrine quest so they’re all done…

But still one left! No idea where it is! Fuck!

I didn’t “finish” one shrine quest in the Deku Tree woods because I left that Korok scrote Oaki to be eaten by the wolf once he’d shown me the way to the shrine

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It is done! Had to download a fucking spreadsheet and go through it ticking them off - love to do admin to finish my games! - but I found the fucker, hidden in a place I can’t believe I’d never been to. This fucking game man.

It’s taken me 105 hours but I’ve done it (don’t ask me fucking koroks or giving random cunts mushrooms, that shit doesn’t count).


Where was it?

Hidden next to a lake in Hebra

Did Ganon again just to cap things off, and get the full ending since I also got all the memories.

Can finally start wading through some other games (I know I’ll be back… need to finally swap the cartridge with Dragon Quest and break the cycle…)

Always baffled why my 6 year old daughter wants to go to the Gerudo village over and over and over whenever we play this as we’ve got the Lightning Helm and there’s nothing left to do there.

Then today she walks around the corner and only goes and discovers one of the final two Shrine Quests 30 foot away from where we’ve spent the past 4 months every Saturday morning.

1 shrine to find!


Maybe she likes dressing Link up as a girl :grin:


Been playing loads of this now we’re on lockdown. Me and and my son flip between this and Minecraft whilst eating crisps and banana Soreen. He’s only 4 so can’t play but still loves watching. Really made me laugh earlier when I was contemplating climbing a tower covered in thorns and he said “Chill out mate, you’ve got a climbing bandana”.


When I tried to get my kid interested, dressing Link up as a “princess” was one of the few bits she liked.

Make Zelda a playable character!


They really ought to be doing this one of these days

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