Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

Piece of piss, and they’re everywhere, just a standard enemy imo


Only ever find them in pretty inaccessible / designated places really, can always be avoided

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Piece of piss to you maybe but not everyone and there are definitely areas with more of them.

Please don’t be so arrogant to belittle harru.

Has he got trousers yet? That might be the problem


nah they will fuck you up right at the start of the game


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I thought you got the Divine Beast locations when you left the Plateau? Maybe not…?

Trust me, you will KNOW one when you find one. You get in the vicinity of it, see a cut scene, get told about a the town and off you go.

(Pretty sure you can see one almost throughout the entire game BTW, given it’s flying…?)

Where are you on the map right now?

you get them from impa i reckon

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He’s clearly being using his Fortnite 360 noscope skills to “pwn” them

I think you get them at kakariko village after you do something for Impa.

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Yeah you’re right, you do don’t you (given I’ve beaten it 2, nearly 3 times now, I should remember that).


I’ve been there!

She asked me to do a memory, found one, went back and she gave me some clothes and then that was it

Think I’m at riverside stables atm

Maybe you’re supposed to just head off and find them then. The game heavily SUGGESTS you go to Zora’s Domain from there. Every character says ‘Hey, why not visit ZORA’S DOMAIN’. There are signs everywhere saying ‘This way to ZORA’S DOMAIN’ and the landscape literally funnels you down paths so you find it.

No need to go that way, and you can tackle them in any order, but probably a good idea as you’re not too far away. It’s east and a tad north of where you are.

I’m sure you’ve figured this out but if in doubt, climb up somewhere high or find a tower.

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I probably missed something incredibly not obvious and subtle, I’ll go back to impa and have a chat.

Did dye my clothes go orange though so that was fun.

Done Zora’s domain, Gerudo Desert & the divine beasts that accompany them, I want to level up on hearts as I want the master sword, but I only have 10 out of the required 13. just having real difficulty locating shrines tbh. 32 done

Have you got your shrine beeper on?

I do! I want a decent dynamic shrine map I can tick off the ones I’ve done I reckon

I literally ended up poring over a spreadsheet. Now that’s good gaming!


I completely missed this on my first playthrough.


I got it on my first playthrough and completely missed it in my second :grinning:

Have stumbled upon it now though

I remember after Hateno I started going south west across the bottom of the map, possibly the emptiest bit and the furthest from any DBs. Think I bounced off it for a bit at that point.

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