Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Has anyone had any luck with guardians yet? I’ve got myself 8 hearts and thought time to give them a go, I even got given an item that said it would help, but no, deeeeaaaatttthhhhh.

Came across some variety in them though, implying that there is many ways for them to insta-kill you!


Hi everyone, I’m on holiday in Italy and all I’m thinking about is how I should have brought my switch with me.


Sunshrooms are everywhere bro.


Lots of sunshrooms around Hateno and peppers are near the base of Mt Lanryu in the bit past the gate where you get a memory and where that annoying as fuck centaur lad hangs out


Just got to the top of Mt Lanayru too after this thread reminded me I couldn’t make it up there when I first found it.

Fucking Hell.

Maybe one of my favourite moments in any game…


Killed my first guardian. Turns out the trick is to shoot in the eye with an arrow as it lines up a shot and use a weapon with high attack speed such as a one handed sword to hack off it’s legs and also managed to kill a small group of lightning wizards to get to the top of the tower. Starting to feel slightly more powerful now and finally, in a position where I’m always running around with like 100 arrows helps a lot.

Now that I have 2 wheels worth of Stamina I think it’s the time to start stacking hearts!


I found a memory! And something to do with the story!

And in an unexpected turn of events, my daughter prefers watching me play this to Peppa Pig (as long as I avoid monsters, don’t go into those scary shrines and stick to just riding a horse towards the princess’ castle).


My daughter is almost 3 and although she takes an interest when i play she generally just wants to take the controller off me. That, and have a son just turned one, is restricting my play sessions to mostly when they’ve gone to bed. It’s killing me!


Anyone got any idea what to do with those yellow fish?


Eating and cooking, if you’re talking about Hyrule carp.


First time I’ve played it in daylight. Been waiting for my wife to go to bed at 22:30 and playing it until 01:00. I’m knackered…


I took launch day off work and got in a good 6 hours. I’d be well behind otherwise


(I did that too)


Do found weapons refresh with blood moons too? As in ones that aren’t related to monsters or chests


Keep forgetting to use a horse and always leave them behind when I do. Some geezer’s given me an idea of where three memories are and have found one. Thinking about going back to Lanaryu mountain as didn’t do much there.

Spent a bit of time running away from Hinox’s, met a centaur thing who fucked me up, got to the top of three or four towers. Seen one guardian in the distance but ran away. Complete 19 shrines and made some pretty rooey food combos. Still appears to be at about 2/3 or so of the map that I’ve not touched. Overall it’s been splendid. Wish i could just keep playing but we’re off to see some orchestral now. Not sure it would be good form to take it with me…


Hinox’s are really easy to kite and kill if you’re patient, the Centaurs are tough as nails, still not downed one!

Found some climbing shoes :slight_smile: me happy


Dang, i want some climbing shoes! Got some rubber trousers though, so it’s not all bad :slight_smile:


Rubber trousers be my jam when I’m not climbing :wink:


Killed my first full guardian. Was an epic fight. Took everything I had, ended up killing it with the Korok leaf I always carry.

Then I searched out the shrine of courage, managed to dash thru it, but then my horse died! Was heartbroken as its little corpse just sat there.

Heading to the river of the horse god now hoping I might be able to do something.

Also anybody been to those 4 islands in the north west? Ive just been and found one fucking shrine and nothing else. Bit of a waste of time.


Also check out this set up.

Switch plus projector