Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild




No major game spoilers as such (it does show you how to use one or two items), but pretty funny:



Dfo you get anything decent with the expansion pack chests?





So I’ve played a couple of hours, done a couple of runes and it’s really good, kind of overwhelming but dead good. One question though, how do you start cooking? I’ve gathered ingredients and read the old man’s diary which says he’ll give a jumper to anyone who gives him a recipe or something and I’ll need that jumper for a rune presumably but i cant work out how to cook!?


Find a fire with a pot over it, go into inventory and hold the ingredients you want to cook with and then cook them in the pan.


Bingo! Just knocked up some “dubious food”! Delicious!


Turned it off now having done what i guess amounts to the intro, four shrines and got the parachute thing. I’m dead excited to see the world open up now!

Are shrines the only way to get extra hearts/stamina?


For a long time, yes


So far, i think so in terms of permanent additions


Swords break too easily i am told




As the topic has been brought up, I’m really enjoying the need to be flexible that comes with the breaking weapons. I’ve been in a position of having zero weapons and having to improvise to gain Boko Clubs etc and building a collection back up from there. When I do get something amazing (my beloved 50 attack broadsword or my flame sword) I only use when I really need to, meaning you’re not just running around over powered and simple enemies don’t just become a one shot annoyance.

Having the camera tracking thing eased my concern about ease of refusing things, not making it easy, but making it easier than impossible.




Voice acting is one minor quibble I have; either get an English actor, or get the Americans to speak in the their own accents.

I keep picking up rocks, finding Koroks underneath them, mashing the A button to get through the text, which means I accidentally drop the rock and brain the little chap. That indignant squeak makes me feel guilty every single time.


Or let us play with Japanese audio and English subtitles. Grrrrrr


The voice acting doesn’t bother me but that would be lovely.


Totally agree with voice acting. Longing for the days of just text


Sign me up for Japanese voice acting with English text as well, I’d love that.

Major gripe with the game; give me my fucking life back.


Just did one of the tower things and now there are those bastard robot spider things every angle when i glide down just killing me instantly. Bastards!