Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Found the climbing shoes :thumbsup:


I want climbing shoes!


They’re out there somewhere!


Anyone else found that island way west, just past the peninsula where two shrines are?

The one where when you arrive, you lose all your gear and are in some hellish, Lord of the Flies-esque battle to sneakily get some gear, stay alive and beat a Hinok to escape?


I’ve sort of grown on the Zelda voice acting as time goes on but it’s still rough, the other voices I’ve come across have been fine.

I’m currently inside my first divine beast, got stuck though so had to give it a rest. The first boss battle I had was surprisingly forgiving and easy considering how difficult it was, but it was great fun… largely because of the humour. Also Sand Seals <3


I meant to say, the boss battle was surprisingly easy considering how hard the game has been up to this point



Yeah I’ve found it a bit weird how the bosses seem to vary a lot in difficulty (not done any temples yet, just in the world). The dragon on top of Mount Lanayru was a piece of piss compared to stone taluses and centaurs; actually gave me less grief than the blue goblins usually do. Hinoxes are really easy as long as you have arrows as well.


This was a boss battle in the truest sense of the word, they introduced themselves, they had a name, they had stages and patterns. Was very simple, but it was fun because of the aforementioned dialogue before and after the fight. And it was just in general very goofy :slight_smile:

(as was everything leading up to it, full of character)


I got to it, built up loads of gear after ages of sneaking around, killed all the goblins and chuchus up on that cliff where the cooking pot is, cooked all sorts of meals and elixirs to keep me going and then set off to get a bow to beat the hinox. Then I got insta-killed when I went up to a treasure chest and an octo just popped up from underneath it. Gonna go back when I have more than 4 hearts, it was actually really fun before that happened.


I did almost exactly the same thing. Got it marked up for a future return visit. Loved the half hour I spent on there though. Another great idea, entirely possible to miss, that changes up the gameplay completely.

Already in my top ten games ever I reckon. May be top 3.


I love how I have done one divine beast too but we have experienced a totally different world, purely because you seem to have focused more west while I went north east.


just got to korok forest get the feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time here!

I’m just getting a bit stressed out that I won’t remember where everything is that I’ve been passed and trying to keep my side quests clear in some kind of OCD way is making me tense :frowning:


Just keep putting stamps on your map. Glad they had the sense to give a lot of stamp types.


I won’t even remember what part of the map to look at!

Maybe the problem is with me


Is it back in stock anywhere yet? Part of the Nintendo magic is everything disappears too quickly. Always too few consoles, games at launch


Well, not a successful evening. Thought I try and check off the couple of shrines in Hateno bay I saw the other day. Completely got my ass handed to me. Both shrines were “tests of strength” and I didn’t make the grade. Even lost a few lives on the way up to the one on the cliff edge with the whole goblin camp in the way.

Still, I found one memory. I’ll head to a Divine Beast now I think. Seem to have exhausted all the side quests in the towns I’ve been milling around in. Which one to go for then…I’m closest to one north east of Kakariko, so that would make sense I guess.


I got a D in GCSE Business Studies so maybe I don’t grasp the marketing strategy of deliberately not having enough supply to meet demand, but the how the heck did selling all the NES Classics on pre orders and never manufacturing any more make sense as a business model?

I was lucky enough to snag one via amazon by keeping an eye on its pre order button after it was announced.

Remember the Wii? Also got one queuing outside ASDA from 4am in December 2006, started work at HMV in september 2007 and from then until I left in July 2008 they were hot cakes / hen’s teeth. And that was Nintendo’s most commercial successful home console!

And now with the Switch, wonder how they will play this one - produce enough to sell the current demand or generate more demand by making it unavailable?


Just completed my first dungeon too. The big elephant one.

Easy boss but an incredibly satisfying dungeon. Felt like a blend of figuring out a Colossus battle from that PS2 classic mixed with the Zelda temple format I’ve grown to love. A couple of real ‘of course!’ moments when I figured parts out…


Killed that centaur thing near part of the quest for what was my first dungeon. Took me ages and a lot of weapons to do so mind.