Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


This guy is way more inventive than me. Need to muck about with some of this stuff more. The raft!


Aye I beat this one last night too. Not much in the way of fights. Boss was okay, I was always too far away to get many good hits in so was just spamming arrows. Really like how the map is like a 3D schematic and the whole adjusting the position of the elephants trunk was very clever. As you say some real eureka moments.
Am I the only one secretly hoping the once you get all the Divine Beasts that they form a Megazord and attack Hyrule Castle - Link then pulls out an Ocarina and summons Dragonzord!


I wish you could grind in this tbh


I got to the one on the cliff edge and gave up, that robot thing is impossible to kill (I’m not very good at fighting)


Beat both of those shrines, but took a lot to do so. Tough challenges, those…


What exactly do Guardian weapons do? I’ve just ended up using all mine up (and about 50 arrows) during a major test of strength. Have I done myself in?


think they’re just better against the ancient guardian robot dudes in shrines but I could be wrong


I thought this but my Guardian shield broke after about two parries




I love this game so much. Might be becoming my favourite game ever.

That said, think this review raises some interesting discussion points about the weapons system, stamina bar, weather, etc.:
http://www.thejimquisition.com/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-review/ (minor spoilers for plot and weapons)

I’m a big fan of Jim’s work generally but waver on how much this review is intentional antagonism of the ‘best game ever’ opinion.

Personally i think the ‘technically optional’ aspect’ of the temples and shrines and stuff is done to perfection. The game makes me want to do them all rather than feel obliged to, because I want to push myself further through difficult areas etc. Likewise the rain and stamina can be frustating when you’re halfway up a mountain, but the game always offers various solutions to getting somewhere, and it makes it feel both more immersive and more rewarding when you finally get to the top of a brutal peak and see the stunning view and get to find the next set of shrines.

That said, being 2.5 temples in, I’ve found myself never using my best weapons because I feel that breaking on them on some random opponent just isn’t worth it if I’m not going to get a comparatively good weapon back, which feels a bit silly sometimes. Also some of the frame rate drops I’ve experienced have been properly awful and there are certain areas and enemies that become a nightmare to confront because of what happens when the screen is filled with explosions.


I’m not sure. They were pretty fragile for me too on those guardians; I had a flamesword I’d picked up somewhere which helped a lot on that one. Usually the shrines have a secret chest squirreled away in them too with a weapon in that more often than not is pretty useful.

I’ve burned through Guardian axes, spears, shields and swords though in recent shrines. Become like my new bokoblin spiked club or spear.


Not really au fait with him, but yes, it does read a little like he’s knowingly taking a deliberately contrary view. Mind you, this is an excellent turn of phrase.


Not far in whatsoever but I do think I’ll probably find it frustrating how long it will take to get hearts/stamina up, I like the game model of getting stronger by battling, not necessarily through XP but for there to be a boost from the random encounters. It seems to make sense to me from a narrative point of view as well as a gameplay one.


There does come a point a few hours in where, if you’ve done a few bits and pieces off to the side, you can upgrade your hearts, stamina and gear slots pretty easily.


Mega, like I said I’m way too early in for it to be anywhere near a problem so far so it’s good to know there’s something to be aiming for in that regard.

Other minor gripe I have so far is the scope and pinning system, I get the shakiness of the scope from an immersion point of view but it’s actually just a pain in the arse when you’re trying to mark a tower or shrine or whatever and it keeps shaking away from it so you just pin nothing.


Do you have motion controls turned on? One of the first things I did was turn them off.


:smiley: I didn’t even realise it had motion controls, yeah, will turn that off and see if it helps…


I’m not great at fighting. I lost a few lives trying to kills the gang on the way up, gave up and decided to pick off a couple with my bow and stealth past to the top. Miffed when I saw the shrine was a fighting challenge, lost a few lives and gave up. Extra miffed when the second shrine turned out to be more of the same but harder. TBH I wasn’t prepared, I need better defense and better weapons. Once I learnt their attack patterns I could consistently get in a few hits but my weapons weren’t taking a lot off and eventually they all broke.

One of my main weaknesses remains accidentally pushing down either stick and going into crouch/scope mode mid battle. Fucks me up a lot. Not idea if the pro controller is less sensitive to this but if it is I’d consider getting one for that reason alone. I’m far too heavy-thumbed for battles in this.


One of my main weaknesses is trying to sneak up on bad guys (a sleeping Hinox for example) and instead of pressing the correct button to pick a strong weapon to use…always hitting the fucking whistle button and alerting every fucker in earshot that I’m there.