Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

Just do it slowly and crouching

Maybe. I don’t think I’ve even found that guy. I roused one of them and it was a fucking nightmare so I’ve ignored those guys completely. The big Talus (?) stone dudes are okay as they are really dumb as fuck and if you get high you can just take them out with arrows.

But my experience of stealth is that it’s really hard to still avoid tipping things off. I’d try to get stealth armour but I’m so close to the end now I can’t really be bothered.

There’s loads of Hinox about. Towards the end they’re easy, a strong weapon and Urbosa’s fury can take them out without breaking a sweat. The “proper” technique is to shoot an arrow in their eye then whack them when they’re distracted.

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Yeah I did the eye thing but it was just clearly going to take a lot of effort and I couldn’t be arsed. I didn’t realise it was the cyclops things I was seeing. I thought they were a lighter blue (maybe that’s at night or something). Also they’ll presumably be back after a Blood Moon so it always feels like not much of an achievement.

The 100% requirements are listed below. When they calculate the % done, it’s a flat rate - so a Korok seed is worth the same as killing Calamity Ganon. It means he’ll have done almost all of these.

All container upgrades
All 120 Spirit Orbs from Shrines
All heart containers from Divine Beasts
Complete the Adventure Log
15 Main Quests (Beast Ganon must be killed at some point)
42 Shrine quests
76 Side Quests
Obtain all 18 memories
100.00% map percentage counter
All individual 900 Koroks from their source
All Locations
All Shrines
All Towers
All Key Items
Shiekah Slate+ with all runes upgraded
All Champion abilities
All Kilton medals (Kill all 40 Hinox, 40 Talus and 4 Molduga)
All horse bridles and saddles
Hestu’s Gift (given after retrieving all 900 Koroks and fully expanding your inventory)
Confidential Envelope (received after completing your Compendium)
All Permanent Weapons
Master Sword
All Permanent Fully Upgraded Armor
Champion’s Tunic ☆☆☆☆
Zora Helm ☆☆☆☆
Zora Armor ☆☆☆☆
Zora Greaves ☆☆☆☆
Cap of the Wild ☆☆☆☆
Tunic of the Wild ☆☆☆☆
Trousers of the Wild ☆☆☆☆
Thunder Helm

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Not sure whether I’m surprised that can all be done in 30 hours, or impressed that even if you have everything mapped out, it still takes 30 hours to do it all.


We getting a Zelda announcement tomorrow?

why tomorrow?

Got my dates wrong. Next weekend then?

I’d be surprised if we got a Zelda announcement this month - Feb’ll be a Pokemon Direct and maybe a Partner Mini or something (there’s various stuff going through the ratings boards that would fit a Partner Direct).

It’s the anniversary next Sunday though

Doesn’t matter. Pokemon Day’s been set as Feb 27th for years now.

Guess we will see

Also don’t forget that we’re still celebrating Mario’s 35th until the end of March. I don’t think we’ll see much in the way of Zelda announcements before April tbh.



Just watching my son (5) do A Major Test of Strength. Beaming. Can’t wait for BOTW 2.


Fuck those. Got two shrines with that on that I have just not even attempted! :smiley:

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Guys, I think I’ve been playing BOTW all wrong

Just watched the opening 8 mins:

I guess sort of spoilers below but not really? Tactics, not story

I knew you can climb through the walls of shrine areas without having to open the doors

  • Nope, WTAF?

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You can use stasis to make a huge boulder go in the air and actually get on it before it lifts off

  • OBVIOUSLY I knew this
  • Never fucking occurred to me

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Turns out before you have the glider you can fucking fly through the air on a shield like a boss

  • I read all those ‘tips’ and actually get my head around what the fuck they’re saying so yeah of course I’ve been fucking JOHNNY UTAH of the air since day one
  • No, fucking hell!

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Slightly more reasonable I suppose but running to the two shrines at the top of the opening plateau without making any cold protection meals and getting there with only 3 hearts to protect you:

  • Fully aware this would be doable
  • Mind a little blown

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I guess I’ve watched a few botw speedrunning clips since 2017…the game is so open and interactive, people have come up with sone ingenious tricks.


I’m aware of the shield bounce / whistle running and glitching into shrines, have never tried to use them though. Also do you have the double bomb flying thing in there?