Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

He’s fully kitted out with all the good gear that I collected, but it’s still mad watching him paraglide about and nail him with arrows etc.

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My kids love playing Zelda with me. they’re just coming to 4 and 6yrs old but this was really the first game they played properly so they’re not so experience obv. They really don’t like having to deal with enemies but they love shrines, solving them, spotting them, finding a way to get to them. We’ve just got to Gerudo town and they are having lots of fun going round seeing everything. My daughter seems obsessed with climbing the big rock at the back and paragliding down. They just like being in the game. Horse god guy did freak the youngest one out a bit, didn’t like him. I’m also massively impressed how much they soak up, even the youngest knows the order to do a lot of stuff. The button sequences to cook a meal…it’s mad. They remember EVERYTHING.

Yeah, they really do.

I showed my son a screenshot of what you get when you find all the Korok seeds as thought it was really funny and now wants to find them all. Not sure I have the appetite though. Found the Fang and Bone shop finally though which he has been going on about since he saw the masks in that book.

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What is this trick?

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I’ve got very little idea what’s going on in either of these!

I think that’s the Windbomb trick. I don’t think I’m capable. I still have to look at the controllers when it says “Press Y”.


Okay I was wrong about stealth stuff. Seems like the noise indicator just shows the same level of noise but if you’re well stealthed creatures don’t notice.

I ponied up 1800 for the full stealth set in Karakiko and suddenly I can just grab lizards and fairies and shit without a care. Very useful

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Also realised I now have a complete set of beast master or whatever armour with attack up so I need to research how best to take down Lynals the utter fucks, to harvest their bits (oo-err)

Up close and personal, get good at blocking / flurrying. Cook up 5 mighty bananas, put on your best defensive armour, and go knock lumps out of them. The one on that big cliff above the Zoras where you get the shock arrows doesn’t scale; go for that one first!

You’ll rip through weapons though, normal ones have like 2000 HP, Silver ones have 5000 (iirc)


Yep, mighty bananas all the way. Just done Naboris, which I was dreading after the first time. But cooked up a load of mighty meals, couple of fairies, and then remembered that the master sword doubles on enemies with malice, making it attack power 60. So actually didn’t end up too bad, even after taking a few hits.

Right so I actually did the one just south of the Shae Loya Shrine on that high flat top before I posted here and I basically went through every Divine Beast power apart from the bird one and also a bunch of my fairies (before I clocked I was using them). I did it and yeah you get a x5 fucking bow out of him and a massive maul weapon.

Then I read this and other guides and went for the Zora dude and, well, it was over in seconds because of using the Stasis, the bow and the big fuck off maul and I then noted I did not get nearly as cool weapons in return!

The only other one I can recall off hand is down in the Grasslands near the Ishto Soh shrine so I’ll do him and see where I am in terms of bits for my armour until the next blood moon comes up.


Also you and @furryboy talking about the bananas - I haven’t ever really used them and I have fucking tonnes! Need to sort that out I guess. New meals here I come.

Oh good, I’m glad I didn’t imagine seeing it showing as a 60 strength weapon at one point!


So was @safebruv right or was this Skyward Sword HD thing already known about?

As usual safebruv was right

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Aye, loads of recipes with mighty ingredients. You can just wang 5 bananas in for a 4 minute high level attack boost if you like. Add in your best armour, a heart meal before hand to extend your hearts, then your best weapons, and you’ll be well on your way

Yeah I haven’t really be bothering with recipes but now I have the stealth armour it’s obviously a bit easier to get critters too.